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Graduate Students

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Hannah Jones

Graduate Student
Entry Year: 2015-2016
Faculty Mentor(s): Melissa Sturge-Apple

461A Meliora Hall
(585) 276-5745
Fax: (585) 273-1100

Research Overview

My current interests are in how interparental conflict in high-risk settings (low SES) influence children's developmental outcomes. I am also interested in investigating maternal executive functions, and how EF can influence parenting in high-risk contexts.

Selected Publications

Posters and Presentations

  • Van Dyke, J. A., Jones, H. R., Frost, S. J, Molfese, P. J., Johns, C. L., Kush, D., Bontrager, M., & Mencl, W. E. (2014). Naural basis of sensitivity to interference during sentence comprehension. Poster presented at the Neurobiology of Language Conference, Amsterdam, Germany, 28 August.
  • Johns, C. L., Braze, D., Molfese, P. M., Vandyke, J. A., Kush, D., Magnuson, J. S., Tabor, W., Mencl, W. E., Jones, H. R., & Shankweiler, C. P. (2014). Structural MRI reveals correlations between individual differences in language-related cognitive abilities and thickness of language-relevant cortical area. Poster presented at the 21st annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, 4 April.

Current Work (In Progress)

  • Jahn, A., Jones, H. R., Johns, C. L., Kush, D., Bontrager, M. L., Frost, S. J., & Van Dyke, J. A. Neural basis of conflict resolution in encoding and retrieval interference.
  • Van Dyke, J. A., Matsuki, K., Jones, H. R., Molfese, P. J., Jahn, A., Johns, C. L., Kush, D, & Bontrager, M. L. A Random Forests analysis of the relationship between reading-related skills and white matter tractography.


  • Teaching Assistant: PSY 171 - Social and Emotional Development, Fall 2015


  • 2013: magna cum laude: Southern Connecticut State University
  • 2012-2013: Member, Psi Chi: Southern Connecticut State University