Selected Articles

Below is a list of recent faculty publications of articles by year, selected from top general interest and field journals for political science research.  Names of current PhD students and PhD alumni are in boldface.

Forthcoming Articles

Scott Abramson, "The Economic Effects of Leaders' Economic Interests: Evidence from Election by Lot in the Florentine Republic," Journal of Politics, forthcoming

Scott Abramson, with Korhan Kocak and Asya Magazinnik, “What Do We Learn about Voter Preferences from Conjoint Experiments?” American Journal of Political Science, forthcoming

Anderson Frey, "Larger Legislatures and the Cost of Political Brokerage: Evidence from Brazil," Journal of Politics, forthcoming

Anderson Frey, with Zuheir Desai, "Can Descriptive Representation Help the Right Win Votes from the Poor? Evidence from Brazil," American Journal of Political Science, forthcoming

Anderson Frey and Sergio Montero, with Gabriel López-Moctezuma, "Sleeping with the Enemy: Effective Representation under Dynamic Electoral Competition," American Journal of Political Science, forthcoming

Gretchen Helmke, "Courts and Judicial Manipulation," in Oxford Handbook of Constitutional Law in Latin America, forthcoming

Gretchen Helmke, with John Carey, Brendan Nyhan, Mitchell Sanders, Susan Stokes, and Shun Yamaya, "The Effect of Electoral Inversions on Democratic Legitimacy: Evidence from the United States," British Journal of Political Science, forthcoming

Gretchen Helmke, with YeonKyung Jeong and Jae-Eun Kim, "Insecure Institutions: A Survivalist Theory of Judicial Manipulation in Latin America," Journal of Law and Courts, forthcoming

Gretchen Helmke, with Mary Kroeger and Jack Paine, "Democracy by Deterrence: Norms, Constitutions, and Electoral Tilting," American Journal of Political Science, forthcoming

Tasos Kalandrakis, “A Priori Bounds on Legislative Bargaining Agreements,” American Journal of Political Science, forthcoming

Tasos Kalandrakis, “One-Dimensional Scaling without Apologies,” Journal of Politics, forthcoming

Alexander Lee, with Jack Paine. “The Great Revenue Divergence,” International Organization, forthcoming

Bonnie M. Meguid, “Adaptation or Inflexibility? Niche Party Responsiveness to Policy Competition, with Evidence from Regionalist Parties,” European Journal of Political Research, forthcoming

Bonnie Meguid, with Ana Catalano Weeks, Miki Kittilson, and Hilde Coffé, “When Do Männerparteien Elect Women? Radical Right Populist Parties and Strategic Descriptive Representation,” American Political Science Review, forthcoming

Sergio Montero, with Michael Gibilisco, "Do Major-Power Interventions Encourage the Onset of Civil Conflict? A Structural Analysis," Journal of Politics, forthcoming

Randy Stone, with Alexander Libman and Evgeny Vinokurov, "Russian Power and the State-Owned Enterprise," European Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming

Randy Stone, with Yu Wang and Shu Yu, "Chinese Power and the State-Owned Enterprise," International Organization, forthcoming

Sidak Yntiso, with Sanford C. Gordon, "Incentive Effects of Recall Elections: Evidence from Criminal Sentencing in California Courts," Journal of Politics, forthcoming

Sidak Yntiso, with Sean Kates, Tine Paulsen, and Joshua Tucker, "Bridging the Grade Gap: Reducing Assessment Bias in a Multi-Grader Class,” Political Analysis, forthcoming

2022 Articles

Scott Abramson, with Michael J. Barber and Jeremy C. Pope, “A Revolution of Rights in American Founding Documents,” Journal of Political Institutions and Political Economy, 3: 124-147.

Scott Abramson, with David B. Carter and Luwei Ying, “Historical Border Changes, State Building, and Contemporary Trust in Europe,” American Political Science Review, 116: 875-895.

Anderson Frey, "Strategic Allocation of Irrevocable and Durable Benefits," American Journal of Political Science, 66: 451-467.

Tasos Kalandrakis, “Generalized Medians and a Political Center,” Social Choice and Welfare, 58: 301-319.

Sergio Montero, with Michael Gibilisco, "Do Major-Power Interventions Encourage the Onset of Civil Conflict? A Structural Analysis," Journal of Politics, 84: 944-959

2021 Articles

Scott Abramson, with David Carter, "Systemic Instability and the Emergence of Border Disputes," International Organization, 75: 103-146

Dan Alexander, "Uncontested Incumbents and Incumbent Upsets," Games and Economic Behavior, 126: 163-85.

John Duggan, with Paulo Barelli, "Subgame-Perfect Equilibrium in Games with Almost Perfect Information:  Dispensing with Public Randomization," Theoretical Economics, 16: 1221-1248

John Duggan, with Peter Bils and Gleason Judd, "Lobbying and Policy Extremism in Repeated Elections," Journal of Economic Theory, 193: article 105223

John Duggan, with Zuheir Desai, "A Model of Interest Group Influence and Campaign Advertising," Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 16: 105-137

Mark Fey, with Brenton Kenkel, “Is an Ultimatum the Last Word on Crisis Bargaining?" Journal of Politics, 83: 87-102

Anderson Frey, "​Do Reelection Incentives Improve Policy Implementation? Accountability vs. Political Targeting," ​Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 16: 35-69

Gerald Gamm, with Thad Kousser, "Life, Literacy, and the Pursuit of Prosperity: Party Competition and Policy Outcomes in 50 States," American Political Science Review, 115: 1442-1463

Hein Goemans, with Beth Simmons, "Built on Borders: The Institution Liberalism Thought It Could Discard," International Organization, 75: 387-410

James Johnson, "Models-As-Fables:  An Alternative to the Standard Rationale for Using Formal Models in Political Science," Perspectives on Politics, 19: 874-889

Tasos Kalandrakis, with Miguel R. Rueda, “National Electoral Thresholds and Disproportionality,” Political Analysis, 29: 102-119

Mayya Komisarchik, with Gary King and Aaron Kaufman, "How to Measure Legislative District Compactness: If You Only know it When You See It,” American Journal of Political Science, 65: 533-550

Alexander Lee, “Does Affirmative Action Work? Evaluating India's Quota System,” Comparative Political Studies, 54: 1534-1564.

Alexander Lee, with Rikhil Bhavnani, "Does Affirmative Action Worsen Bureaucratic Performance?  Evidence from the Indian Administrative Service," American Journal of Political Science, 65: 5-20

Alexander Lee, with Zuheir Desai, "Technology, Choice, and Fragmentation:  The Political Effects of Electronic Voting in India," Political Science Research and Methods, 9: 398-413

Alexander Lee, "Does Affirmative Action Work? Evaluating India's Quota System,” Comparative Political Studies, 54: 1534-64

Bonnie Meguid, with Maria Murias Munoz, "Does Party Polarization Mobilize or De-Mobilize Voters?  The Answer Depends on Where Voters Stand," Electoral Studies, 70: 1-10

Randy Stone, with Trung Dang, "Multinational Banks and IMF Conditionality," International Studies Quarterly, 65: 375-386

Larry Rothenberg, with Peter Bils and Bradley Smith, “The Amicus Game,” Journal of Politics, 82: 1113-1126

Larry Rothenberg, with Gary Hollibaugh, "The Structure of Appointment Politics: Consistency or Change?," Legislative Studies Quarterly, 46: 391-426

Sidak Yntiso, with Anna Harvey, "Judicial Accountability and Racial Disparity in Criminal Appeals," Journal of Legal Studies, 50: 261-302.

Sidak Yntiso, with Mario Chacon and Jeffrey Jensen, "Sustaining Democracy with Force: Black Representation During Reconstruction," Journal of Historical Political Economy, 1: 319-351.

2020 Articles

Scott Abramson and Sergio Montero, "Learning about Growth and Democracy," American Political Science Review, 114: 1195-1212

Kevin Clarke, "Logical Constraints: The Limitation of QCA in Social Science Research," Political Analysis, 28: 552-568

John Duggan, with Hun Chung, "A Formal Theory of Democratic Deliberation," American Political Science Review, 114: 14-35

John Duggan, with Jacque Gao, "Lobbying as a Multidimensional Tug of War," Social Choice and Welfare, 54: 141-166

John Duggan, with Cesar Martinelli, "Electoral Accountability and Responsive Democracy," The Economic Journal, 130: 675-715

Hein Goemans, with Ken Schultz, “Aims, Claims, and the Bargaining Model,” International Theory, 11: 344-374.

Gretchen Helmke, with John Carey, Katherine Clayton, Brendan Nyhan, Mitchell Sanders, and Susan Stokes, "Who will defend democracy? Evaluating tradeoffs in candidate support among partisan donors and voters," Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 1-16

Alexander Lee, with Varun Karekurve-Ramachandra, "Do Gender Quotas Hurt Less Privileged Groups?  Evidence from India," American Journal of Political Science, 64: 757-72

Sergio Montero, with Abhijit Banerjee, Sylvain Chassang, and Erik Snowberg, "A Theory of Experimenters: Robustness, Randomization, and Balance," American Economic Review, 110: 1206-1230

Richard Niemi, with Jay Goodliffe, Paul Herrnson, and Kelly Patterson, "The Enduring Effects of State Party Tradition on the Voting Experience," Election Law Journal, 19: 45-63.

Bing Powell, "Mandate vs. Accountability," in Handbook of Political Representation in Liberal Democracies, R. Rohrschneider and J. Thomassen, eds.,Oxford: Oxford University Press, Chapter 19

Larry Rothenberg, with Gary Hollibaugh, "Appointments and Attrition: Time and Executive Disadvantage in the Appointments Process," Journal of Public Policy, 40: 473-491

Larry Rothenberg, with Jinhee Jo, "Budgetary Choices and Institutional Rules: Veto Rules and Budget Volatility," Economics of Governance, 21: 1-25

Larry Rothenberg, with Gleason Judd, "Flexibility of Stability? Analyzing Proposals to Reform the Separation of Powers," American Journal of Political Science, 64: 309-324

2019 Articles

Scott Abramson, with Michael Barber, “The Evolution of National Constitutions,” Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 14: 89-114

Scott Abramson, with Carles Boix, "Endogenous Parliaments:  The Domestic and International Roots of Long-term Economic Growth and Executive Constraints in Europe," International Organization, 73: 793-837

Kevin Clarke, with Brenton Kenkel and Miguel Rueda, “Omitted Variables, Countervailing Effects, and the Possibility of Overadjustment,” Political Science Research and Methods, 6: 343-354

Anderson Frey, "Cash Transfers, Clientelism, and Political Enfranchisement: Evidence from Brazil," Journal of Public Economics, 176: 1-17

Gretchen Helmke, with John Carey, Brendan Nyhan, and Mitchell Sanders, "Searching for Bright Lines in the Trump Presidency," Perspectives on Politics, 17: 699-718

James Johnson, “Review Essay - Formal Models in Political Science: Conceptual, Not Empirical,” Journal of Politics, 81: e6-e10

Alexander Lee, “Land, State Capacity and Colonialism: Evidence from India,” Comparative Political Studies, 52: 412-444

Alexander Lee, "Incumbency, Parties and Legislatures: Theory and Evidence from India," Comparative Politics, 52: 1-21

Alexander Lee, with Avidit Acharya, “Path Dependence in European Development: Medieval Politics, Conflict and State Building,” Comparative Political Studies, 52: 2171-2206

Alexander Lee and Jack Paine, "British Colonialism and Democracy: Divergent Inheritances and Diminishing Legacies," Journal of Comparative Economics, 47: 487-503

Alexander Lee and Jack Paine, “What Were the Consequences of Decolonization?” International Studies Quarterly, 63: 406-16

Sergio Montero, with Benjamin Gillen, Hyungsik Roger Moon, and Matthew Shum, "BLP-2LASSO for Aggregate Discrete Choice Models with Rich Covariates," Econometrics Journal, 22: 262-281.

Dave Primo, with Saumya Prabhat, "Risky Business: Do Disclosure and Shareholder Approval of Corporate Political Spending Affect Firm Performance?" Business and Politics 21: 205-239

2018 Articles

Kevin Clarke and Larry Rothenberg, Mortgage Pricing and Race: Evidence from the Northeast,” American Law and Economics Review, 20: 138–167

John Duggan, with Vincent Anesi, “Existence and Indeterminacy of Markovian Equilibria in Dynamic Bargaining Games,” Theoretical Economics, 13: 505–525

John Duggan, with Hun Chung, “Directional Equilibrium,” Journal of Theoretical Politics, 30: 272–305

Hein Goemans, with David Carter, “International Trade and Coordination: Tracing Border Effects,” World Politics, 70: 1–52

James Johnson, with Susan Orr, “What's a Political Theorist to Do? Rawls, the Fair Value of the Basic Political Liberties, and the Collapse of the Distinction Between Ideal and Nonideal Theory,” Theoria, 65: 1–23

Alexander Lee, “Ethnic Diversity and Ethnic Discrimination: Explaining Local Public Goods Provision,” Comparative Political Studies, 51: 1351–83

Alexander Lee, with Avidit Acharya, “Economic Foundations of the Territorial State System,” American Journal of Political Science, 62: 954–66

Alexander Lee, with Rikhil Bhavnani, “Local Embeddedness and Bureaucratic Performance: Evidence from India,” Journal of Politics, 80: 71–87

Bonnie Meguid, “Selective Contestation: The Impact of Decentralization on Ethnoterritorial Party Electoral Strategy,” Electoral Studies, 52: 94–102

Bing Powell, “Ideological Congruence: Illusion or Imperfection?” Legislative Studies Quarterly, 43: 21–32

Larry Rothenberg, with Gary Hollibaugh, “The Who, When, and Where of Executive Nominations: Integrating Agency Independence and Appointee Ideology,” American Journal of Political Science, 62: 296–311

Randy Stone, with Rabia Malik, “Corporate Influence in World Bank Lending,” Journal of Politics, 80: 103–18

Randy Stone, with Jeheung Ryu, “Plaintiffs by Proxy: A Firm-Level Approach to WTO Dispute Resolution,” The Review of International Organizations, 13: 273–308

2017 Articles

Scott Abramson, “The Economic Origins of the Territorial State,” International Organization, 71: 97–130

John Duggan, “Existence of Stationary Bargaining Equilibria,” Games and Economic Behavior, 102: 111–126

John Duggan, “Term Limits and Bounds on Policy Responsiveness in Dynamic Elections,” Journal of Economic Theory, 170: 426–463

John Duggan, with Cesar Martinelli, “The Political Economy of Dynamic Elections: Accountability, Commitment, and Responsiveness,” Journal of Economic Literature, 55: 916–984

Mark Fey, with Jidong Chen and Kris Ramsay, “A Nonspeculation Theorem with an Application to Committee Design,'' B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 17: —

Hein Goemans, with Ken Schulz, “The Politics of Territorial Disputes: A Geo-Spatial Approach applied to Africa,” International Organization, 71: 31–64

Bethany Lacina, with R. Bhavnani, “Fiscal Federalism at Work? Central Responses to Internal Migration in India,” World Development, 93: 236–248

Dave Primo, with Jinhee Jo and Yoji Sekiya, “Policy Dynamics and Electoral Uncertainty in the Appointments Process,” Journal of Theoretical Politics, 29: 124–148

Randy Stone, with Terrence Chapman, Songying Fang, and Xin Li, “Mixed Signals: IMF Lending and Capital Markets,” British Journal of Political Science, 47: 329–349

2016 Articles

Scott Abramson, with David Carter, “The Historical Origins of Territorial Disputes,” American Political Science Review, 110: 675—698

Scott Abramson, with Carlos Velasco Rivera, “Time Is Power,” Journal of Politics, 78: 1279–1295

John Duggan, “Limits of Acyclic Voting,” Journal of Economic Theory, 163: 658–683

John Duggan, with Vincent Anesi, “Dynamic Bargaining and Stability with Veto Players,” Games and Economic Behavior, 103: 30–40

Hein Goemans, with William Spaniel, “Multi-Method Research: The Case for Formal Theory,” Security Studies, 25: 25–33 (Multi-Method Symposium special issue)

Dave Primo, with Robert Carroll and Brian Richter, “Using Item Response Theory to Improve Measurement in Strategic Management Research: An Application to Corporate Social Responsibility,” Strategic Management Journal, 37: 66–85