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Selected Publications

Below is a list of recent faculty publications of articles by year, selected from top general interest and field journals for political science research, followed by recent book publications. Names of current and former Rochester PhD students appear in boldface.

2019 and Forthcoming Articles

Scott Abramson, with Carlos Boix, “Endogenous Parliaments: The Domestic and International Roots of Long-Term Economic Growth and Executive Constraints in Europe,” International Organization, forthcoming

Scott Abramson, with Michael Barber, “The Evolution of National Constitutions,” Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 14: 89–114

Kevin Clarke, with Brenton Kenkel and Miguel Rueda, “Omitted Variables, Countervailing Effects, and the Possibility of Overadjustment,” Political Science Research and Methods, 6: 343–354

Mark Fey, with Brenton Kenkel, “Is an Ultimatum the Last Word on Crisis Bargaining?" Journal of Politics, forthcoming

Hein Goemans, with Ken Schultz, “Aims, Claims, and the Bargaining Model,” International Theory, forthcoming

James Johnson, “Review Essay - Formal Models in Political Science: Conceptual, Not Empirical,” Journal of Politics, 81: e6-e10

Mayya Komisarchik, with Gary King and Aaron Kaufman, "How to Measure Legislative District Compactness: If You Only know it When You See It,” American Journal of Political Science, forthcoming

Alex Lee, “Land, State Capacity and Colonialism: Evidence from India,” Comparative Political Studies, 52: 412–444

Alex Lee, with Avidit Acharya, “Path Dependence in European Development: Medieval Politics, Conflict and State Building,” Comparative Political Studies, forthcoming

Alex Lee and Jack Paine, “What Were the Consequences of Decolonization?” International Studies Quarterly, forthcoming

Sergio Montero, with B. Gillen, H. Moon, and M. Shum, “BLP-2LASSO for Aggregate Discrete Choice Models with Rich Covariates,” Econometrics Journal, forthcoming

Jack Paine, “Colonial Institutions and Democracy: Resisted Transitions from European Settler Oligarchies,” World Politics, forthcoming

Jack Paine, “Economic Grievances and Civil War: An Application to the Resource Curse,” International Studies Quarterly, forthcoming

Jack Paine, “Ethnic Violence in Africa: Destructive Legacies of Pre-Colonial States,” International Organization, forthcoming

Jack Paine, “Redistributive Political Transitions: Minority Rule and Liberation Wars in Colonial Africa,” Journal of Politics, forthcoming

Jack Paine and Scott Tyson, ``Uses and Abuses of Formal Models in Political Science,’’ SAGE Handbook of Political Science: A Global Perspective, forthcoming

Larry Rothenberg, with Peter Bils and Bradley Smith, “The Amicus Game,” Journal of Politics, forthcoming

Scott Tyson, “The Strategic Foundations of Political Sovereignty,” Journal of Politics, forthcoming

2018 Articles

Kevin Clarke and Larry Rothenberg, Mortgage Pricing and Race: Evidence from the Northeast,” American Law and Economics Review, 20: 138–167

John Duggan, with Vincent Anesi, “Existence and Indeterminacy of Markovian Equilibria in Dynamic Bargaining Games,” Theoretical Economics, 13: 505–525

John Duggan, with Hun Chung, “Directional Equilibrium,” Journal of Theoretical Politics, 30: 272–305

Hein Goemans, with David Carter, “International Trade and Coordination: Tracing Border Effects,” World Politics, 70: 1–52

James Johnson, with Susan Orr, “What's a Political Theorist to Do? Rawls, the Fair Value of the Basic Political Liberties, and the Collapse of the Distinction Between Ideal and Nonideal Theory,” Theoria, 65:1–23

Alex Lee, “Ethnic Diversity and Ethnic Discrimination: Explaining Local Public Goods Provision,” Comparative Political Studies, 51: 1351–83

Alex Lee, with Avidit Acharya, “Economic Foundations of the Territorial State System,” American Journal of Political Science, 62: 954–66

Alex Lee, with Rikhil Bhavnani, “Local Embeddedness and Bureaucratic Performance: Evidence from India,” Journal of Politics, 80: 71–87

Bonnie Meguid, “Selective Contestation: The Impact of Decentralization on Ethnoterritorial Party Electoral Strategy,” Electoral Studies, 52: 94–102

Bing Powell, “Ideological Congruence: Illusion or Imperfection?” Legislative Studies Quarterly, 43: 21–32

Larry Rothenberg, with Gary Hollibaugh, “The Who, When, and Where of Executive Nominations: Integrating Agency Independence and Appointee Ideology,” American Journal of Political Science, 62: 296–311

Randy Stone, with Rabia Malik, “Corporate Influence in World Bank Lending,” Journal of Politics, 80: 103–18

Randy Stone, with Jeheung Ryu, “Plaintiffs by Proxy: A Firm-Level Approach to WTO Dispute Resolution,” The Review of International Organizations, 13: 273–308

Scott Tyson, “The Agency Problem Underlying Repression,” Journal of Politics, 80: 1297–1310

Scott Tyson, with Alastair Smith, “Dual-Layered Coordination and Political Instability: Repression, Cooptation, and the Role of Information,” Journal of Politics, 80: 44–58

2017 Articles

Scott Abramson, “The Economic Origins of the Territorial State,” International Organization, 71: 97–130

John Duggan, “Existence of Stationary Bargaining Equilibria,” Games and Economic Behavior, 102: 111–126

John Duggan, “Term Limits and Bounds on Policy Responsiveness in Dynamic Elections,” Journal of Economic Theory, 170: 426–463

John Duggan, with Cesar Martinelli, “The Political Economy of Dynamic Elections: Accountability, Commitment, and Responsiveness,” Journal of Economic Literature, 55: 916–984

Mark Fey, with Jidong Chen and Kris Ramsay, “A Nonspeculation Theorem with an Application to Committee Design,'' B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 17:—

Hein Goemans, with Ken Schulz, “The Politics of Territorial Disputes: A Geo-Spatial Approach applied to Africa,” International Organization, 71: 31–64

Bethany Lacina, with R. Bhavnani, “Fiscal Federalism at Work? Central Responses to Internal Migration in India,” World Development, 93: 236–248

Dave Primo, with Jinhee Jo and Yoji Sekiya, “Policy Dynamics and Electoral Uncertainty in the Appointments Process,” Journal of Theoretical Politics, 29:124–148

Randy Stone, with Terrence Chapman, Songying Fang, and Xin Li, “Mixed Signals: IMF Lending and Capital Markets,” British Journal of Political Science, 47: 329–349

Scott Tyson, with Dimitri Landa, “Coercive Leadership,” American Journal of Political Science, 61: 559–574

2016 Articles

Scott Abramson, with David Carter, “The Historical Origins of Territorial Disputes,” American Political Science Review, 110: 675—698

Scott Abramson, with Carlos Velasco Rivera, “Time Is Power,” Journal of Politics, 78: 1279–1295

John Duggan, “Limits of Acyclic Voting,” Journal of Economic Theory, 163: 658–683

John Duggan, with Vincent Anesi, “Dynamic Bargaining and Stability with Veto Players,” Games and Economic Behavior, 103: 30–40

Hein Goemans, with William Spaniel, “Multi-Method Research: The Case for Formal Theory,” Security Studies, 25: 25–33 (Multi-Method Symposium special issue)

Jack Paine, “Rethinking the Conflict Resource Curse: How Oil Wealth Prevents Center-Seeking Civil Wars,” International Organization, 70: 727–761

Dave Primo, with Robert Carroll and Brian Richter, “Using Item Response Theory to Improve Measurement in Strategic Management Research: An Application to Corporate Social Responsibility,” Strategic Management Journal, 37: 66–85

Scott Tyson, “Information Acquisition, Strategic Voting, and Improving the Quality of Democratic Choice,” Journal of Politics, 78: 1016–1031

Books (2017-present)

Alex Lee (2019) From Hierarchy to Ethnicity: the Politics of Caste in 20th century India, accepted at Cambridge University Press

Alex Lee (2019) Development in Multiple Dimensions: Social Power and Regional Policy in India, University of Michigan Press

Bing Powell (2019) Ideological Congruence: Achieved and Astray. Elections, Institutions and the Breakdown of Ideological Congruence in Parliamentary Democracies, Cambridge University Press

Larry Rothenberg (2018) Policy Success in an Age of Gridlock: How the Toxic Substances Control Act was Finally Reformed, Cambridge University Press (Elements Series)

Bethany Lacina (2017) Rival Claims: Ethnic Violence and Territorial Autonomy under Indian Federalism, University of Michigan Press

Larry Rothenberg, with Fang-Yi Chiou (2017) The Enigma of Presidential Power: Parties, Policies and Strategic Uses of Unilateral Action, Cambridge University Press