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PSCI 117 Introduction to American Government

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  • Summer 2015
    Maricella Foster-Molina
    Summer 2015 — MTWR 9:00 - 12:00

    Summer Session 2 (June 29-July 27)
    We all have an impact on the political system that governs us. This is true for all governments, but particularly for democracy. This course will explore the foundations of modern American governance. What should we expect from a democracy? What are the historical roots of the current system? How do the core political institutions, such as Congress and the Presidency, impact the law? How does this all impact our lives through phenomenon like polarization and inequality? How do we change our government through voting and influencing politicians? Students should expect to come out of this course with a strong grasp of American politics, reasoning and communicating with greater clarity, and knowing how to find answers to important questions. This course is appropriate for majors and non-majors with an interest in understanding the American political system.