Department of Political Science

PSC/IR 255 Poverty and Development

Political Science Field: Comparative Politics, International Relations
International Relations Track: Political Economy and Development (B)
Typically offered every year

Anderson Frey
Spring 2017 — TR 12:30-13:45

Course Syllabus

Why are some countries poor, while others enjoy a high standard of living? Why some enjoy stability and freedoms, while others suffer with corruption, repression and violence? Why countries stagnate or decline in their economic development. This course is designed to provide a broad theoretical framework for thinking about these problems, focusing on the political and institutional causes of differences in economic development across countries. Topics include the role of political systems, leaders, and institutions in economic growth. The relationship between development and ethnic and class conflict, corruption, culture, the organization of state, electoral rules, and democratization. The role of Western intervention in the developing world, from slavery to modern foreign aid.

Avidit Acharya
Spring 2013 — TR 9:40-10:55

Course Syllabus

Why are some societies so much less developed than others? We will discuss the importance of political and economic institutions, ethnic and class conflict, the role and organization of the state, and political beliefs and culture in answering the question above. Cases will be taken from Africa, South Asia, and East Asia.

Avidit Acharya
Spring 2012 — TR 9:40-10:55