2007, 115 min.

Director: Łukasz Palkowski
Screenplay: Marcin Kwaśny, Łukasz Palkowski
Cinematography: Paweł Sobczyk
Music: Sebastian Krajewski
Producer: Paisa Films, with financial support of Polish Film Institute
Principal Cast:

We often say that we have two Warsaws. The one on the left side of the Vistula River and Praga, the one on the right side. In the movie, Marcin, a freelance photographer, comes from the trendy side of Warsaw. After a stormy breakup with his girlfriend, he has to leave her luxurious apartment. He moves to a dilapidated, old building in Praga. There his new landlord hires him to prepare a photographic documentation of the deplorable state of the house. During his work he gets to know the different personalities of Brzeska Street .It motivates him to look into his own life and to change himself. Palkowski created a delightful, warm, optimistic story about friendship and memory.

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