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2008 PFF LoGo


List of Lovers

Spis Cudzołożnic

1995, 70 minutes




Director: Jerzy Stuhr

Screenplay: Jerzy Stuhr

Cinematographer: Witold Adamek

Music: Stanisław Radwan

Producer: Kazimierz Rozwałka

Principal Cast: Jerzy Stuhr, Stanisława Celińska, Preben Osterfelt, Jan Peszek, Bożena Adamek


Jerzy Stuhr serves as the writer-director-star of this delightful comedy, playing a shy Kraków academic given the job of showing a visiting Swedish professor around town. During their time together, Stuhr's woman-hungry companion pushes his tour guide to locate some female companionship. When Stuhr calls up an old flame, some unusual sparks fly.



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