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Professor Marek Hendrykowski will present “The Photograph,” a recently discovered Kieślowski film, and give a lecture on the famous filmmaker, whom he knew personally. Professor Hendrykowski is a prominent Polish film scholar, expert at the Polish Film Institute, and author of more than twenty books and several hundred articles.

The year 2011 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the death of Krzysztof Kieślowski (1941 - 1996), the best-known contemporary Polish filmmaker. He began his film career making documentaries, including “The Photograph,” which he made in 1968 for Polish television before graduating from the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź. For many years this film was thought lost, as the archives of Polish TV had only one copy, without sound. Thanks to the efforts of Professor Marek Hendrykowski the sound track of the film was found and Polish TV reconstructed it.

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