Preliminary schedule

June 4 - June 8, 2011

Saturday 6/4

Arrival of Conference Participants
2:30 pm Tour of Kraków (Wawel castle) in late afternoon (Optional) – meeting at Garbarska 7a,
6:00 pm  Dinner (Optional) –Chłopskie Jadło, ul. Grodzka 9

Sunday 6/5

Trip to Oświęcim (Auschwitz) and Wieliczka Salt Mine for Participants (Optional)
8:30 am  Meeting at Garbarska 7a, please take a warm sweater with you as it will be cold in Wieliczka!
Lunch for those on trip

Monday 6/6

9:00-12:00 Conference Opening (Open to the University), Collegium Novum
Welcome:  Vice-Rektor Andrzej Mania
Keynote:   Randall Stone

9:45-12:00  Panel:  135 minutes (3 x 20/5/20)
Chair: D Baldwin
Present        H Milner        P Pinto        Q Li       
Discuss        E Malesky        D Leblang        W Bienkowski       

12:00 Lunch, Collegium Novum

1:30-3:00 Conference, Collegium Maius (3 x 12/2-5/13-16)
Chair: D Leblang
Present        P Rosendorff        J Tobin        W Bienkowski       
Discuss        J Marshall        H Milner        L Mosley       

3:00-3:30 Coffee Break

3:30-5:00 Conference (3 x 12/2-5/13-16)
Chair: H Milner
Present        J Marshall & R Stone        L Mosley        A Gruszczak       
Discuss        P Rosendorff        D Leblang        C Way       

6:30 Dinner, Hawelka Tetmajerowska, Rynek Glowny 34

Tuesday 6/7

10:00-11:30: Conference, Collegium Maius
Chair: L Mosley
Present        O Hishow        C Way        D Leblang       
Discuss        Q Li        P Pinto        J Svejnar       

12:00: Lunch, Collegium Maius

1:30-3:00: Conference, Collegium Maius
Chair:J Tobin
Present        J Svejnar        A Jarczewska-Romaniuk        E Malesky       
Discuss        O Hishow        D Baldwin        J Tobin       

3:00-3:30 Coffee Break

6:30: Dinner, U.S. Consul's Residence, ul. Grottgera 12

Wednesday 6/8

9:00-11:00: Conference wrap-up session for academic participants, Collegium Maius
11:00: Tour of Collegium Maius
1:30-6:00: Free Time
6:00: Dinner and Klezmer music, Ariel Zydowska Restauracja