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Biology Course Schedule

Fall Semester

BIO 110 Principles of Biology I

Instructor: A. Olek

Course Work: Three 50 minute lectures and one 2 hour problem-based workshop per week

Exams: Three 90-minute exams and one 3-hour final exam

Prerequisites: Completion or concurrent enrollment in CHM 131 or equivalent

Description: The first semester in a year long course sequence designed for majors and minors in biology. Major topics include: biochemistry, molecular and cellular evolution, cell reproduction, fundamentals of genetics and molecular biology.

Offered: Fall

BIO 105 Introductory Biology Laboratory

Instructor: A. Olek

Course Work: Laboratory meets for one 3 1/2 hour session each week.

Exams: Quizzes, Laboratory reports and other assignments, Lab practical

Prerequisites: Open only to students in the UR Post-baccalaureate Pre-medical program

Description: The laboratory experiments complement lecture material in BIO 110, Principles of Biology I. Topics include protein and nucleic acid structure, enzyme activity, cell and tissue structure, and cell reproduction. The laboratory emphasizes experimental design and data analysis

Offered: Fall

BIO 198 Principles of Genetics

Instructor: E. Sia

Course Work: Three 50 min lectures and one 50 min problem based recitation per week

Exams: Three 1 hour exams and a comprehensive final exam

Prerequisites: BIO 110 and completion of or concurrent enrollment in CHM 203

Description: Methods of genetic analysis are stressed. Topics include: Mendelian assortment; gene interaction; linkage and mapping; methods of genetic analysis in yeast, bacteria and phage; DNA replication, recombination, repair and mutation; gene expression and its regulation; transposons and retroviruses; recombinant DNA technologies; cancer as a genetic disease.

Offered: Fall

BIO 198L Principles of Genetics Lab

Instructor: T. Ramsey

Course Work: One 3.5 hour laboratory per week

Exams: Quizzes, laboratory reports and other assignments

Prerequisites: Concurrent with BIO 198 or after completion of BIO 198.

Description: This course is an introduction to basic genetic theory and laboratory practices. Topics include classical inheritance in eukaryotes, bacterial genetics and molecular technology techniques. Emphasis is on data analysis and experimental design.

Offered: Fall

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