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Undergraduate Programs

Minor in Health Policy

This minor examines health policy in relation to the organization, financing, and provision of health care in the U.S, including its history, and the role of health policy analysis in assessing population health. The Health Policy minor is intended for students who want to explore a secondary interest in the fields of health care administration or health policy and planning, or those who wish to apply the skills of their major concentration to population health. For students whose major falls within the Humanities or Natural Sciences Divisions, completing a Health Policy minor will fulfill the Social Science requirement.

Requirements of a Minor in Health Policy

(6 courses; prerequisites in parentheses)

PH 101Introduction to Public Health I(none)
Choose 1 of the following:
PH 116Introduction to the U.S. Health System(none)
PM 421U.S. Health Care System(none)
Choose 4 of the following:
CAS 394A*European Health Science Internship
*Valid beginning fall 2017
CAS 397*European Health Science Internship
*Valid until spring 2017
ECO 207Intermediate Microeconomics(ECO 108)
ECO 230Economic Statistics(MTH 141 conc.)
ECO 236Economics of Health(ECO 207)
HIS 373W

Health Policy and Politics

PH 230 or PH 236 Law in Public Health Practice (PH 230) or
Health Care and Law (PH 236)
PH 232

Environmental Health Policy*
*Not open to freshmen

PH 101 or PH 116;
PH 102
PSC 200*

Applied Data Analysis
*Valid until fall 2016

PSC 205*Data Analysis II
*Valid beginning spring 2018
PSC 237*Domestic Social Policy*
*course not available after 2014
PSC 243 or PSC 246
or PSC 247
Environmental Politics (PSC 243) or
Environmental Law and Policy (PSC 246)
or Green Markets: Environmental
Pitfalls & Opportunities (PSC 247)
*only one of the 3 courses listed above
may be used as an elective
PSC 245*Aging and Public Policy
*course not available after 2014