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Undergraduate Programs

Minor in Epidemiology

This minor examines the principles and skills required to examine factors associated with the development and prevention of disease. The Epidemiology minor is intended for students who want to explore a secondary interest in population medicine, or those who wish to apply the skills of their major concentration to population health. For students whose major falls within the Humanities or Natural Sciences Divisions, completing an Epidemiology minor will fulfill the Social Science requirement.

Requirements of a Minor in Epidemiology

(6 courses; prerequisites in parentheses)

PH 101Introduction to Public Health I(none)
PH 103Concepts of Epidemiology(none)
Choose 1 of the following:
STT 211  Applied Statistics for Social Sciences I(none)
STT 212Applied Statistics for Bio Phy Sciences I(none)
Choose 3 of the following:
PM 414History of Epidemiology(PH 103)
PM 415Principles of Epidemiology(PH 103)
PM 413Field Epidemiology(PM 415)
PM 424Chronic Diseases Epidemiology(PH 103)
PM 451Infectious Disease Epidemiology(PM 415; or permission of instructor)
PM 470Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology(PM 415)
PM 489Injury Epidemiology & Emergency Care Research Methods(PH 103; PM 415; or permission of instructor)