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Minor in Bioethics

This minor examines the major ethical and related legal questions that arise in medicine and public health, and the frameworks in which individual, social and political moral decisions should be made. The Bioethics minor is intended for students who want to explore a secondary interest in the philosophical study of ethical controversies in biology, medicine and public health. For students whose major falls within the Social Sciences or Natural Sciences Divisions, completing a Bioethics minor will fulfill the Humanities requirement.

Requirements of a Minor in Bioethics

(6 courses; prerequisites in parentheses)

PH 101Introduction to Public Health I(none)
PSC/PH 236Healthcare and Law(none)
Choose 1 of the following:
PHL 225Ethical Decisions in Medicine(1 in PHL; or permission of the instructor)
PHL 228Public Health Ethics(1 in PHL; or permission of the instructor)
Choose 3 of the following:
PHL 102General Ethics(none)
PHL 103Contemporary Moral Problems(none)
PHL 220Recent Ethical Theory(1 in ethics)
PHL 223Social and Political Philosophy(1 in PHL)
PHL 225Ethical Decisions in Medicine(if not taken above)
PHL 228Public Health Ethics(if not taken above)
PHL 226Philosophy of Law(1 in PHL)
PHL 230Environmental Justice(1 in PHL)
MHB 210Bioethics at the Bedside(none)