Graduate Program

Alumni 2000-2009

PHD Name of Graduate Thesis Title Current Appointment Position Advisor Field
2009 Cai, Weixing Investigation of Phase-Contrast Cone Beam CT Imaging Systems Univ. Rochester Postdoc Ning, R./Gao, Y. MED PHY
2009 Prithviraj, Brijesh Collimation of Electrons Via Three-Dimensional Spatial Intensity Shaping of Laser Focal Volume Meyerhofer, D. PPF
2009 Petruccelli, Jonathan C. Generalized Wigner Functions Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Postdoc Alonso, M./Wolf, E. QOT
2009 Jiang, Zhuo Transverse Modes in Large-Mode-Area Fibers AdValue Photonics, Inc. Optical Engineer Marciante, J./Bigelow, N. PPF
2009 Berdine, Daniel P. Selected Phenomenological Contributions in Preparation for the Running of the Large Hadron Collider Orr, L. PPT
2009 Yang, Jeong-Hoon An Empirical Model for the Interaction of Ultraintense Laser Pulses with Fully Ionized Plasmas Including Electrostatic Effects Craxton, S. PPF
2009 Yonac, Muhammed Bipartite Qubit Entanglement Under Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics Simon School Student Eberly, J.H. QOT
2009 Yang, Fan D Meson Hadronic Decays at CLEO-c Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Postdoc Thorndike, E. PPE
2009 Chen, Chia-Ling Diffusive Transport and Trapping Systems Exhibiting Dynamic Percolation Transitions Universite Pierre et Marie Curie Research Associate Chimowitz E./ Shapir Y. CMT
2009 Yu, Geum Bong Search for Charged Higgs Bosons in Decays of Top Quarks in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at Sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV Duke Univ. Postdoc Bodek, A. PPE
2009 Yoo, Han G. Silicon Nanosheets: Optical Properties, Light Confinement in Multilayer Waveguides, and Lateral Electrical Injection and Luminescence Intel Corporation Engineer Fauchet, P. CME
2009 Green, Joel D. Observations of Feedback Between Protostars and their Natal Clouds Space Telescope Science Inst. Scientist Watson, D. A/AP
2009 Ghilea, Marian C. Neutron Imaging with Bubble Chambers for Inertial Confinement Fusion Meyerhofer, D./ Sangster, T. PPF
2009 Wright, Kevin C. Stimulated Raman Interactions in a Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensate National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Postdoc Bigelow, N. QOE
2009 Gimmell, Jennifer L. Search for the Flavor Changing Neutral Current Decay t Zq at [square root]s=1.96 TeV Benet Academy Physics Teacher Tipton, P. / McFarland, K. PPE
2008 Nelson, Edward The Adsorption of DNA onto Unmodified Gold Nanoparticles RIT Instructor Rothberg, L. CME
2008 Han, Ji Yeon The Differential Cross Section Distribution of Drell-Yan Dielectron Pairs in the Z Boson Mass Region University of Rochester Postdoc Bodek, A./ Sakumoto, W. PPE
2008 He, Qing Impact on Gamma/Phi3 measurement from CLEO-c binned D0->(K0S)+(Pi+)+(Pi-) Dalitz Analysis Princeton University Postdoc Thorndike, E. PPE
2008 Sargent, Benjamin A. Spitzer IRS Spectroscopic Studies of Dust Composition of Protoplanetary Disks Space Telescope Institute Postdoc Forrest, W. A/AP
2008 Yildirim, Ilyas Free Energy Calculations of RNA Duplexes with Tandem GA Base Pairs Using the Thermodynamic Integration Approach Univ. Rochester, Chemistry Dept. Postdoc Turner, D./ Bigelow, N.
2008 Wang, Ken Kang-Hsin Photodynamic Therapy: Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to Dosimetry Univ. Pennsylvania Postdoc Foster, T. MED
2008 Hubbard, Alexander I. Conceptual Developments in the Astrophysical Hydrodynamics of Accretion Disks and Stellar Winds Nordita Research Institute, Sweden Postdoc Blackman, E. A/AP
2008 Giampanis, Stefanos Search for a High Frequency Stochastic Background of Gravitational Waves Max Planck Institute Postdoc Melissinos, A.C. PPE
2008 Minchev, Ivan D. The Effect of Spiral and Bar Structure on the Milky Way Velocity Distribution Univ. Strasbourg Postdoc Quillen, A. A/AP
2008 Han, Bo-Young Measurement of the W Boson Production Charge Asymmetry in pp bar Collisions Korea Univ. Postdoc McFarland, Kevin PPE
2008 Tscherneck, Michaela Molecule Chips Willamette Univ. Assistant Professor Bigelow, N. QOE
2008 Nordhaus, Jason T. From Binaries to Asymmetric Outflows: The Influence of Low-mass Companions Around AGB Stars Princeton University Postdoc Blackman, E. A/AP
2008 Camacho, Ryan M. Implementations of Slow Light Using Double-Resonances Caltech Postdoc Howell, J. QOE
2008 Clader, Brian David Ultra-Short Pulse Propagation in Multi-Level Media Arete Associates Research Scientist Eberly, J.H. QOT
2008 Kleinert, Jan Electrostatic Trapping of Ultracold Polar Molecules Electro Scientific Instruments Engineer Bigelow, N. QOE
2007 Saha, Rajdeep Semi-Classical Dynamics Using Initial Value Representations and Coherent State Path Integrals Yale University Postdoc Ovinchinnikov, M. / Shapir, Y. CMT
2007 Boersma, John R. Guage Boson Phenomenology of Little Higgs Models SUNY-Oswego Instructor Orr, L. PPT
2007 Park, Su-Jung Search for Admixture of Scalar Top in the ttbar Lepton+Jets Final State at _s=1.96 TeV Universitaet Goettingen Postdoc Demina, R. PPE
2007 Wong, Chung Ki Theoretical Studies of the Properties of Magnetic Resonance Signal Formed under the Influence of Distant Dipolar Field Zhong, J. MED
2007 Khafizov, Marat Photoresponse Mechanism of Superconducting MgB2 University of Rochester, Chemistry Dept. Postdoc Sobolewski, R. CME
2007 Cunningham, Andrew J. Star Formation Driven Mechanical Feedback in Molecular Clouds Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Lab. Postdoc Frank, A. A/AP
2007 Ho, Phay J. e-e Correlated Intense-Field Multiple Ionization as a Completely Classical Photo-electric Effect Argonne National Laboratory Scientist Eberly, J. QOT
2007 Pack, Michael V. Dynamics of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Optical Kerr Nonlinearities Sandia National Laboratories Scientist/Engineer Howell, J. QOE
2007 Wu, Shuai Time-Resolved Characterization of Carrier and Phonon Dynamics in GaN Single Crystals Opteos, Inc. Sr. Research Engineer Sobolewski, R. CME
2007 Holmes, Michael E. Trapping Ultracold Atoms Close to Surfaces and Molecule Chips New Focus Scientific Engineer Bigelow, N. QOE
2007 Chen, Hui Towards a Nanocrystalline Silicon Laser LUMERA Sr. Optical Engineer Fauchet, P./Gao, Y. CME
2007 Sublett, Stephanie L. Omega Laser-Driven Hydrodynamic Plasma Jet Experiments with Relevance to Astrophysics RIT Research Staff Meyerhofer, D./Knauer, J. PPF
2007 Yoon, Sung-Yong Phil Error-Induced Beam Degradation in Fermilab's Accelerators Bodek, A./Chou, W. PPE
2007 Wilson, Jeremy D. Measurements and Interpretations of Light Scattering From Intact Biological Cells University at Buffalo Law School Student Foster, T. MED
2007 Selkowitz, Robert I. Stochastic Fermi Acceleration and the Dissipation of Astrophysical Magnetic Turbulence Buffalo State College Lecturer Blackman, E. A/AP
2007 Garcia, Carlos A. Precision Measurement of the Mass of the Top Quark in pp bar Collisions Trading Machines Financial Analyst Ferbel, T. PPE
2007 Wesely, Elizabeth Jane Decay Pathways for Excitations in a Conjugated Oligofluorene Horace Mann School Teacher Rothberg, L. CME
2007 Woo, Sungjong Dynamics of Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensate with Vortices Univ. MA-Lowell Postdoc Bigelow, N. QOE
2007 Winey, Brian Use of Stationary Focused Ultrasound Fields for Characterization of Tissue and Localized Tissue Ablation Harvard Postdoc Yu, Y./Bigelow, N. MED
2006 Lee, Jedong A Measurement of the Z Forward-Backward Charge Asymmetry in pp bar e+e- Mercator, LLC Scientist McFarland, K. PPE
2006 Kuznetsov, Vladimir Advanced Semiconductor Quantum Well Devices for Infrared Applications National Semiconductor Corporation Scientist Wicks, G./Gao, Y. CME
2006 Ali Khan, Irfan Quantifying and Exploiting Entanglement Stanford University Postdoc Howell, J. QOE
2006 Bacon, Candice Development of Long Wave Infrared Detecors for Space Astronomy Roberts Wesleyan Assist. Professor Pipher, J. L. AST
2006 Ohki, Thomas Experiments Towards Manipulation of Quantum States of a Josephson Junction Using Superconducting Integrated Circuits Chalmers Univ. of Technology Postdoc Bocko, M./ Feldman, M. CME
2006 Qi, Dahu Development of a Biofluid Chemical Measurement System Using Liquid Core Optical Fiber Raman Spectroscopy Hutchinson Technology Inc. Berger, A./ Bigelow, N. QO
2006 Irish, Elinor The Theory of Quantum Electromechanics: A Solid-State Analog of Quantum Optics Queens Univ. Postdoc Bigelow, N. QOT
2006 Hamblen, Joshua Pseudorapidity Dependence of Directed and Elliptic Flow in Au + Au Collisions at 19.6, 62.4, 130, and 200 GeV per Nucleon Pair Univ. Tennessee Postdoc Manly, S. NPE
2006 Anderson, Kenneth Adiabat Shaping in Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions Univ. Rochester, Laboraory for Laser Energetics Scientist Betti, R. PPF
2006 Tikhoplav, Rodion Low Emittance Electron Beam Studies UCLA Postdoc Melissinos, A.C./P. Piot PPE
2005 Londero, Pablo Studies of the Classical-Quantum Boundary in Computing: Implementation of the Bernstein-Vazirani Algorithm, and Decoherence Control in a K2 Two Qubit Harvard Postdoc Walmsley, I./Bigelow, N. QOE
2005 Chan, Kwok Ming Leo Anomalous gtt Coupling in Single-Lepton tt Events from pp Collisions at s = 1.8 TeV Univ. Akron Postdoc Slattery, P. PPE
2005 Melikyan, Arsen Integrability and Hamiltonian Methods in String Theory Univ. Sao Paulo Postdoc Das, A. PPT
2005 Eusebi, Ricardo Search for Charged Higgs in ttbar Decay products from Proton-Anitiproton Collisions at s = 1.96 TeV Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Postdoc Tipton, P. PPE
2005 Seletskiy, Sergey Attainment of Electron Beam Suitable for Medum Energy Electron Cooling Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Postdoc Melissinos, A. PPE
2005 Ruan, Jinhao Optical Gain in Nanocrystalline Silicon Superlattices Cornell Univ., Engr. and Applied Physics Dept. Postdoc Fauchet, P./Shapir, Y. CME
2005 Gutermuth, Robert The Initial Configuration of Young Stellar Clusters Harvard-Smithsonian Postdoc Pipher, J.L. AST
2005 Konezny, Steven The Effects of Charge Transport Traps on Organic Light-Emitting Diode Performance Bates College Visiting Assistant Professor Rothberg, L. CME
2005 Dutta, Somnath Scaling of the Roughness and the Maximal Height in the Non-Linear Lab-DasSarma Model of Conserved Surface Growth Crazy Magic, Inc. (CMI) Software Engineer Shapir, Y. CMT
2005 Page, Eric Exploring the Use of Optical Fibers for a High-Precision Gravitational Measurement Allegheny College Visiting Assistant Professor Manly, S. QOE
2005 Agarwal, Abhishek Integrability in Large N Matrix Models CCNY Postdoc Rajeev, S PPT
2005 Venkatramani, Ravindra Simulations of Nonlinear Multidimensional Spectra of Molecules in the Condensed Phase Univ. Pennsylvaia, Bioengineer-ing Dept. Postdoc Mukamel,S/Shapir, Y CMT
2005 Hayes, Adam Violations of K-Conservation in 178 Hf Univ. Rochester Postdoc Cline, D. NPE
2005 Chan, Kam Wai Clifford Two-Particle Breakup and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Entanglement Univ. Rochester, Inst. Optics Postdoc, Croucher Fellowship Eberly, J.H. QOT
2005 Pratt, Jeffrey Entanglement in Quantum Spin Systems Eberly, J.H. QOT
2005 Cho, Doo Kee Measurement of the ttbar Production Cross Section at s=1.96 TeV in the e+jets Final State of ppbar Collisions at the Tevatron Boston Univ. Postdoc Ferbel, T. PPE
2005 Quinto Su, Pedro Probing and Manipulating Cold Atoms on an Atom Chip UC-Irvine, Chem. Engr & Materials Science Dpt. Postdoc Bigelow, N. QOE
2004 Ivanov, Andrew Search for anomalous kinematics of top dilepton events in proton-antiproton collisions at s = 1.96 TeV UC-Davis Postdoc Tipton, P. PPE
2004 Peterson-Constandache, Dawn The pre-main sequence and brown dwarf populations of OMC 2/3: a multiwavelength study Univ. Virginia Postdoc Pipher, J.L. AST
2004 Konezny, Sarah Demers A measurement of BR(tnq) Roberts Wesleyan Assistant Professor McFarland, K. PPE
2004 Park, Woo Chun Probing for new physics in B meson decays with dilpeton events Univ. South Carolina Postoc Thorndike, E. PPE
2004 Gotchev, Orlin Experiments on dynamic overpressure stabilization of the ablative richtmyer-meshkov instability in ICF targets Univ. Rochester, LLE Postdoc Meyerhofer, D. PPF
2004 Coca, Mircea Measuement of the top pair-production cross section in the dilepton channel in proton-antiproton collisions at s=1.96 TeV Duke Univ. Postdoc Tipton, P. PPE
2004 Wu, Xiaohua InAs-based bipolar transistors grown by molecular beam epitaxy Gao, Y./Wicks, G. CME
2004 Wang, Yanting Molecular dynamics simulations of gold nanomaterials Chemistry Dept., Univ. Utah Postdoc Teitel, S. CMT
2004 Bhattacharya, Mishkatul Forbidden transitions in a magneto-optical trap Georgia Tech Postdoc Bigelow, N. QOE
2004 Baksmaty, Leslie The birth and death of vortex lattices in trapped bose-einstein condensates Georgia Tech Postdoc Bigelow, N. QOT
2004 Janis, John P. Building a bose-Eenstein condensation experiment in 87-Rb ITT-New Jersey Tech. Staff Bigelow, N. QOE
2004 Zorba, Serkan Morphological and electrical studies of organic semiconductor thin films Whittier College Visiting Assistant Professor Gao, Y. CME
2004 Poludnenko, Alexei Y. Dynamics and properties of astrophysical inhomogeneous media Univ. Chicago Postdoc Frank, A. AST
2004 Butler, William Characterization of the high frequency response of laser interferometer gravitational detectors Intel Sr. Engineer Melissinos, A. PPE
2004 Khanov, Alexander Measurement of the top-antitop production cross-section at Sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV using lifetime tagging Oklahoma State University Research Assistant Professor Demina, R. PPE
2004 Krishnaswami, Govind Sudarshan Large-N limit as a classical limit: Baryon in two-dimensional QCD and multi-matrix models U Utrecht, Netherlands Postdoc, APS Apker Award 2000, Okubo Prize 2001 Rajeev, S. PP
2004 Constandache, Alin-Alexandru Selected topics in integrable systems Univ. Virgina Postdoc Das, A. PP
2004 Gotcheva, Violeta Simulations of the equilibrium and nonequilibrium classical 2D Coulomb gas Univ. Rochester, Laboratory for Laser Energetics Systems Programmer Teitel, S. CMT
2004 Davis, Gregory Arthur First measurement of the differential inclusive cross section for jet production at DO Run II Northwestern Univ. Postdoc Ferbel, T. PPE
2004 Weiss, Stanley Benjamin Laser cooled atoms and molecules: Prospects for a sodium-rubidium Bose-Einstein condensate Northrop Grumman Space Technologies Scientist Bigelow, N. QOE
2004 Finlay, Jarod C. Reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopies in photodynamic therapy U Penn Dept of Radiation Oncology Instructor Foster, T BP
2004 Santhanam, Jayanthi Applications of the moment method to optical communications systems: Amplifier noise and timing jitter Univ. New Mexico Postdoc Agrawal, G. QOT
2003 Akant, Levent Entropy of large dimensional random matrices. Bogazici Univ. Insructor (Okubo Prize 1999) Rajeev, S. PP
2003 Canelli, Maria Florencia Helicity of the W boson in single-lepton tt- events UCLA Postdoc, URA Best Thesis award 2004, Lobkowicz Prize 2004 Ferbel, T. PPE
2003 Johnson, Dean E. Magneto-optical and magnetic resonance studies of erbium-doped glasses. Honeywell Sr. Engineer Bigelow, N./Spoonhower, J.
2003 Kilminster, Benjamin John A search for non-standard model W Helicity in top quark decays Ohio State Postdoc (lobkowicz Prize 2004) McFarland, K. PPE
2003 Johnson, Erik Bjorn Design, development, and construction of the phobos time-of-flight walls, and studies of Au+Au collisions at RHIC energies using the time-of-flight walls. Univ. Kansas Postdoc Wolfs, F.
2003 Mitov, Alexander Applications of perturbative QCD to processes with heavy quarks. DESY, Germany Postdoc Orr, L.
2003 Poulios, Demetrios Magneto-optical studies of defects in optical glasses NASA Goddard Flight Center Scientist Bigelow, N./Spoonhower, J.
2003 Rott, Pavel V. Application of superconducting digital electronics in quantum mechanical experiments Intel Sr. Engineer Feldman, M. /Wu, W.
2002 Averett, Kent L. Characteristics of InAs-based materials and bipolar devices grown by molecular beam epitaxy. US Air Force Scientist Wicks, G/ Gao, Y.
2002 Bielejec, Edward S. Electron transport and tunneling in quench-condensed ultrathin films. Sandia National Laboratories Scientist Wu, W.
2002 De, Subhranil Near-critical behavior of fluids embedded in porous media. Univ. Akron, Engr. Dept. Postdoc Chimowitz, E. /Shapir, Y.
2002 Panfili, Raphael Double ionization of multi-electron atoms exposed to intense femtosecond laser pulses. Spectral Sciences, Inc. Sr. Scientist Eberly, J.H.
2002 Watkins, Neil J. Interface studies of organic thin film transistors. NIST Research Associate Gao, Y.
2002 Yan, Li Charge transfer and injection barrier at the metal-organic interfaces. University of Florida-Gainesville Computer Analyst Gao, Y.
2002 Zhou, Xingxiang Superconducting quantum computation with imperfect resources. Feldman, M./Howell, J.
2001 Armstrong, Michael R. Few cycle optical pulse studies of the transition state : process in myoglobin. Fenmtonics, Toronto CEO Miller, R.J.D./Bigelow, N.
2001 Avvakumov, Sergey E. Search for [nu] [umuu](Knu umuu) --> [nu]ue(Knuue) oscillation in the E815(NuTeV) fixed target neutrino experiment at Fermilab. University of Rochester/ Fermi Lab Scientist Bodek, A. HEE
2001 Estrada, Juan Cruz Maximal use of kinematic information for the extraction of the mass of the top quark in single-lepton tt events at D". Fermi National Laboratory Research Associate, Awarded Tollestrop Prize for Best Postdoctoral Research at Fermilab 2003, Lobkowiz Prize 2001 Ferbel, T.
2001 Gardiner, Thomas A. Magnetohydrodynamic studies of stellar winds : from young stellar object jets to planetary nebulae. Univ. Maryland, Astron. Dept. Research Associate Frank, A.
2001 Gbur, Gregory Nonradiating sources and the inverse source problem. Univ. North Carolina Assist. Professor Wolf, E.
2001 Macesanu, Cosmin Top quark at linear colliders : quantum chromodynamics corrections. Univ. Oklahoma Research Associate (Okubo Prize 1997) Orr, L.
2001 Ponomarenko, Sergey A. Spatial coherence of optical wavefields and solutions. Los Alamos National Lab. Scientist Wolf, E.
2001 Raychaudhuri, Subhadip Scaling behavior of cyclical roughness and maximal height of growing surfaces. Univ. CA-Davis, BME Dept. Assistant Prof Shapir, Y.
2001 Young, York Cold Collisions of Laser Cooled Na and Rb Atoms Corning, Inc. Sr. Research Scientist Bigelow, N. QOE
2001 Yang, Un Ki A measurement of differential cross sections in charged-current neutrino interactions on iron and a global structure functions analysis Univ. of Chicago, URA Best Thesis Award 2002, Lobkowicz Prize 2001, Korean American Physics Association Award 2001 Postdoc Bodek, A. HEE
2000 Dadusc, Gami Optically heterodyne-detected phase grating studies of myoglobin dynamics. Pebbles Technologies Engineer Miller,R.J.D./Wolf, E. CHEMPHYS
2000 Delamarter, Guy Wind blown bubbles in realistic young and old stellar environments. Advant! Software Engineer Frank, A.
2000 Fitch, Michael James Electro-optic sampling of transient electric fields from charged particle beams. Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. Staff Scientist Melissinos, A.C. HEE
2000 Goetz, Jennifer Infrared study of three massive star forming regions : Cep A East, S88B, and S235A/B. Buffalo (Private School) High School Teacher Pipher, J.L. A/AP
2000 Larkin, John Michael Optical and photodynamic properties of the higher-lying states of rose bengal. Whitworth College, WA Assist. Professor Foster, T. BP
2000 Liu, Jinbo Measurement of d[sigma]/dy for Drell-Yan eJeK pairs in the Z boson region produced in pep collisions at [square root]s=1.8 TeV. Lucent Technologies (NJ) Scientist Bodek, A. HEE
2000 Makinen, Antti Excited state and charge transfer dynamics at organic molecular film surfaces and interfaces. Naval Research Lab. Research Scientist Gao, Y. CME
2000 Raines, S. Nicholas Near-infrared study of the Herbig-Haro features in GGD 37. U.FL-Gainesville (Bryant Space Sci. Ctr.) Postdoc Watson, D. A/AP
2000 Ye, Hong Hot carrier dynamics in GaN. Lucent Technologies Scientist Fauchet, P.