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Graduate Program

Alumni 1980-1989

PHDName of Graduate Thesis Title Current Appointment Position Advisor Field
1989Ballocchi, GiuseppeMeasurement of [pi] production at low transverse momentum.Res.Inst Applied Economics, ZurichSr. Research ScientistFerbel, T.HEE
1989Chen, Hsiu-ChengSubnanosecond time-resolved electron diffraction studies of short-pulse laser heating in thin gold films.Mourou, G./Knox, R.OPTE
1989Gage, Edward CharlesInvestigation of fluctuations in one- and two-mode dye lasers.Mandel, L.QOE
1989Kernan, Warnick J.One- and two-neutron transfer using very heavy spherical and deformed nuclei.EGG Scientific Research (Los Alamos)ScientistCline, D.NSRL
1989Lanaro, Armando[Pi]j production with Ke and [pi]+ beams at 530 GeV/c.INFN, Frascati National Lab, ItalyScientistFerbel, T.PPX
1989Norris, Theodore BlakeTime-resolved tunneling in GaAs quantum well structures.Univ. Michigan, Applied PhysicsProfessorKnox/Mourou
1989Saumon, DidierHydrogen equation of state for astrophysical applications.Los AlamosScientistVan Horn, H.M.A/AP
1988Dasu, Sridhara RaoPrecision measurement of x, Qu2 and A-Dependence of R=uSuL/uSuT and Fu2 in deep inelastic scattering.Univ. Wisconsin-MadisonAssistant Prof.Bodek, A.HEE
1988Franchi, Daniel S.Excitation transport and electrical conductivity in disordered media.Mukamel, S.CHM
1988Hemmick, Thomas K.Search for anomalously heavy isotopes of low Z nuclei.SUNY-Stony BrookProfessorElmore, D./OlsenNSRL
1988Hong, Chung KiInvestigation of two-photon correlation effects in parametric down-conversion.Mandel, L.OQ
1988Koupelis, TheodorosRotation and magnetic fields as an acceleration mechanism in astrophysical jets.Univ. Wisconsin-MarathanProfessorVan Horn, H.M.A/AP
1988Liu, Xiao-Yuan (Janet)Optical spectroscopy of tyrosine in protein : a protein dynamics study.Nordlund, T.BP
1988Meyer, Kevin E.Study of subpicosecond electron transport in GaAs using transient photoconductivity and transient absorption spectroscopy.Mourou, G./Castner, T.
1988Migliuolo, MicheleAC conductivity measurements in insulating Si:P near the metal-insulator transition.Castner, T.G.SSE
1988Mori, ToshinoriTotal hadronic cross section in electron-positron annihilation at center-of-mass energies from 50 to 57 GeV.Univ. TokyoProfessorOlsen, S. L.HEE
1988Panigrahi, Prasanta KumarStudies on the Chern-Simons terms in string and field theories.Univ. Hyderabad, IndiaAssistant Prof.Das, A.PPT
1988Pinto, Marcus Venicius CougoApplications of Kac-Moody algebras in quantum field theory.Inst. De Fisica, BrazilProfessorOkubo, S.HET
1988Scherer, WolfgangCanonical quantization of constrained systems and coadjoint orbits of Diff(Su1)IndustryAnalystDas, A.HET
1988Sue, JamesFluorescence and Raman line shapes of polyatomic molecules in solution.Mukamel, S.CHEM
1988Wuensch, WalterExperiment to search for galactic axions.CERNAssoc. ScientistMelissinos, A.C.HEE
1988Zarifis, Vassilis GeorgeElectron spin resonance studies near the metal-insulator transition.Castner, T.G.CM
1988Zhang, HuazhongGlobal aspects of gauge anomalies.Jackson State Univ.Assistant Prof.Okubo, S.HET
1987Behrends, SteveMeasurement of the tau lifetime at [surd] s = 10.5 GeV.Lincoln Labs, MITScientistOlsen, S. L.HEE
1987Christian, William R.Effects of backscattering on the fluctuation properties of a He-Ne ring laser.Mandel, L.QOE
1987Dunlap, David H.Studies of carrier transport and lattice relaxation in solids.Univ. New MexicoAssoc. ProfessorKenkre, V.CMT
1987Dutta, Sanghamitra BanerjeeMeasurement of the optical isotope shifts of stable gadolinium isotopes.NASAScientistCline, D./Clark, D.NSRL
1987Fleisher, DennisSound pressure distribution in front of a serrat