Graduate Program

Alumni 1970-1979

PHD Name of Graduate Thesis Title Current Appointment Position Advisor Field
1979 Gaumond, Charles F. Theory of phonon echoes in insulators. Naval Research Lab., Washington, DC Jacobsen, E. H. CME
1979 Halemane, Thirumala Statistical spectroscopic studies in nuclear structure physics. French, J. B. NPT
1979 Kar, Kamales Statistical method for the study of beta-decay giant resonances. French, J. B. NST
1979 Lam, Clive Study of internal friction in single crystal silicon. Douglass, D. CM
1979 LeBritton, Joseph Study of trimuon and dimuon events produced by 10.5 Gev on lead. Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1979 McCal, Dennis Dimuon production from 16 and 22 GeV pions on copper and carbon targets. Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1979 Meisburger, William Daniel Reduction of aberration in rotationally symmetric electrostatic lenses. Jacobsen, E.H. SSE
1979 Schneider, David Mark Relations between optical potentials and nonelastic reactions for high energy nuclear scattering. US Government Scientist Koltun, D. NST
1979 Tsay, Wei-Shin Effect of temperature on the multiple photon absorption of polyatomic molecules. Eberly, J.H. LEL
1979 Warren, Gary Proton deuteron elastic scattering from 20 to 220 GeV/C. Olsen, S. L. HEE
1979 Wesemael, Francois Atmospheres for hot, high gravity, pure helium stars. Universite de Montreal Professor Van Horn, H.M. P/AST
1979 Wong, Yiu-Man Theoretical study of exciton transport in molecular crystals. Catholic Univ. Kenkre, V. IFS
1978 Arnold, Steven M. Rapid photometry of cataclysmic variable stars. Duthie, J. G. CR
1978 Bountis, Anastassios Nonlinear models in Hamiltonian dynamics and statistical mechanics. Univ. Patras, Mth.Dept., Greece Professor Helleman, R./Montroll, E. IFS
1978 Chaney, David Hall Inclusive charged-particle production in neutron-nucleus collisions at high energy. Ferbel, T. HEE
1978 Clover, Michael Study of resonant heavy ion back-angle scattering, with specific analysis of the C + Si system. Los Alamos Scientist DeVries, R. M. NSRL
1978 Dagenais, Mario Investigation of photon correlations in resonance fluorescence. Univ. Maryland, Chemial Physics Program Professor Mandel, L. QOE
1978 Ghosh, Vinita Johri Theory of hole transport in rare gas solids. Knox, R. S. CMT
1978 Kimble, Harry Jeffrey Investigations of resonance fluorescence. Cal Tech William L. Valentine Prof. of Physics Mandel, L. QOE
1978 Knoedler, Christina (Manheimer) Superconductivity in NbGe and isostructural C-40 compounds. Douglass, D. LTE
1978 Kupferberg, Lenn Ground state properties of the Anderson lattice system, CeA1. Raytheon Parks, R. CM
1978 Manheimer, Marc Valence instability in cerium-based alloy systems. Parks, R. CM
1978 Nitz, David Diffraction dissociation of high energy protons in pp and pd interactions. Michigan Technological Univ. Assoc. Professor Olsen, S. L. HEE
1978 Pandey, Akhilesh Fluctuation, stationarity and ergodic properties of random-matrix ensembles. Jawaharlal Nehru Univ., India French, J. B. NST
1978 Rizzo, Thomas Phenomenology of charged and neutral currents in gauge theories. Mathur, V.S. HET
1978 Soderholm, Sidney C. Diffusion measurements of aerosols. Mercer, T. /Knox R.S.
1978 Zubairy, Muhammad Suhail Study on the foundation of the theory of radiative energy transfer. Texas A&M Univ. Assoc. Professor Wolf, E. QOT
1977 Biel, Joseph Study of the dissociation reaction n+p p +p for neutron momenta between 50 GeV/c and 300 GeV/c. Slattery, P. HEE
1977 Chakraborty, Dev Study of resistance anomalies in the order-disorder alloy system Fe-Al. Hospital of the Univ. PA, Radiolog Dept. Assoc. Professor Parks, R. CME
1977 Croft, Mark Experimental studies on two kondo lattice systems : CeA1 and Ce Th. Rutgers Professor Parks, R. CME
1977 Foley, John T. Model dielectric function for silicon. Mississippi State Professor Wolf, E. QOT
1977 Ginsburg, Charles Novel interpolative perturbation theory for quantum anharmonic oscillators in one and three dimensions and the ground state of a lattice model of the [symbol for phi] field theory. Montroll, E.W. IFS
1977 Goto, Tetsuya Study of charmed quark. Mathur, V.S. HEE
1977 Harvey, John R. Radiative decays of vector mesons. Deputy Assist.Sec.Defense for Nuclear Forces and Missle Defense Policy Lobkowicz, F./Thorndike E.H. HEE
1977 Kerridge, Stuart Evolution of HII regions in streaming gas flow - a theoretical investigation. Savedoff, M.P. A/AP
1977 Markovics, James Calorimetric studies of a cerium alloy and a cerium intermetallic : Ce Th and CeAl. Parks, R. SSE
1977 Migliuolo, Stefano Nonlinear saturation of the dissipative trapped electron instability. Simon, A. PLASMA
1977 Morshedzeh-Tehrani, Mohammad Investigations of the coherence properties of a ring laser. Mandel, L. QOE
1977 Rahman, Talat Theory of depolarization of fluorescence in molecular aggregates. Kansas State Professor Knox, R. S. CMT
1977 Seshadri, Venkita Master equation theory of simultaneous vibrational relaxation and intramolecular decay. Kenkre, V. IFS
1977 Simon, Sheridan Development of a two-dimensional, eulerian stellar evolution code. Van Horn, H.M. AST
1977 Van Metter, Richard Study of the optical properties of chlorophyll in solution and in a protein complex. Knox, R. S. SST
1977 Whitley, Richard M. Double optical resonance. Stroud, C. OPT
1977 Wodkiewicz, Krzysztof Two level atom of quantum optics. Warsaw Univ. Professor Eberly, J.H. QOT
1977 Yee, Jae Hyung Quantization of field theories in light-cone coordinates. Yonsei (Korea) Professor Hagen, C.R. HET
1977 Zoric, Igor L. Transport studies of cooperative phenomena in rare earth based systems. Parks, R. LT
1976 Abate, Joseph Investigation of dye laser excitation of atomic systems. Lucent Technologies Dept. Head Mandel, L. QOE
1976 Bennett, Charles Alpha particle spectroscopy in Ti via the ( Li,d) reaction. Albany Professor Fulbright, H. NSRL
1976 Davidovich, Maria Theoretical studies on triplet exciton dynamics in organic systems. PUC - Rio de Janeiro Professor Knox, R. S. CMT
1976 Ghosh, Arup K. Superconductivity in transition-metal germanium systems. Douglass, D. CME
1976 Khoo, Iam Choon Quantum-electrodynamical study of source field detection and interference effects in spontaneous emission. Penn State, EE Dept. Professor Eberly, J.H. QOT
1976 Kornblith, Richard L. Transient coherent optical effects in atoms. Eberly, J.H. QET
1976 Lai, Shu Biu Heisenberg equation of motion applied to the free electron, and to the two-level atom driven by a finite-bandwidth laser field. Eberly, J.H. QOT
1976 Lawrence, Jon M. Experimental studies of the Ce Th valence instability. UC-Irvine Professor Parks, R. LTE
1976 May, Edward N. Experimental study of charged rho photoproduction from hydrogen and deuterium. Argonne Lat Scientist Thorndike, E. HE
1976 Mizutani, Tetsuro Coupled equations method for pion scattering from the two-nucleon system. Virginia Polytechnic Inst. Assoc. Professor Koltun, D. HET
1976 Ohya, Masanori Dynamical process in statistical mechanics. Emch, G.G. MP
1976 Singer, Michael N. Elastic omega photoproduction at 8 GeV/c. Lobkowicz, F. HEX
1976 Srinivas, Mandyam D. Quantum mechanics as a generalized stochastic theory in phase space. Wolf, E. QOT
1976 Wolfe, Barbara Whitten On mechanical quantum measuring processes. Emch, G.G. MP
1975 Abramson, Jonathan J. Inelastic omega photoproduction at 9.75 GeV/c. Portland State Professor Lobkowicz, F. HEE
1975 Bansil, Rama Daga General model of kinetics of cooperative ligand binding in proteins and its application to hemoglobin kinetics. Boston Univ. Professor Montroll, E.W. MP
1975 Davidovich, Luiz On the Weisskopf-Wigner approximation in atomic physics. Nussenzveig, H.M. IFS
1975 Eminhizer, Charles Convergent perturbative and iterative methods applied to the duffing equation and anharmonic oscillator systems. Helleman, R./Montroll, E. IFS
1975 Flaum, Charles Experimental and theoretical investigation of anomalous behavior in rotational bands at high spin. Schlumberger-Doll Researach Scientific Adv.&Magnetic Resonance Program Manager Cline, D. NSRL
1975 Holmes, Robert K p interactions at 12.7 GeV. Ferbel, T. HEE
1975 Jodoin, Ronald Superradiance in an inhomogeneously broadened atomic system. RIT Professor, Assoc. Dean Mandel, L. QEE
1975 Khare, Vijay Short-wavelength scattering of electromagnetic waves by homogeneous dielectric sphere. Univ. Houston, Chemistry Dept. Nussenzveig, H.M. IFS
1975 Kim, Jihn Eui Study of neutral current. Mathur, V.S. HET
1975 Martin, Edward A. Jr. Study of electrons produced in laser induced multi-photon ionization of gas atoms. Monroe Community College Mandel, L. QEE
1975 McColgin, William Optical site selection spectroscopy of large organic molecules. Eberly, J.H. QOE
1975 McMullin, James Theory of transfer of waves in dispersive media with applications to langmuir and radio waves in plasmas. Univ. Alberta, EE Dept. Professor Helfer, H.L. A/AP
1975 Pendrys, Louis A. Superconductivity of vanadium-based alloys. Douglass, D. LTE
1975 Potbhare, Vijay Spectral averaging methods in nuclear physics. French, J. B. LET
1975 Schafer, David E. Experimental investigations of highly conducting quasi one-dimensional organic charge transfer salts. Parks, R.
1975 Scott, Howard A. Study of the coherent production reaction p + A p + + A. Rosen, J. HEE
1975 Shlesinger, Michael Stochastic theory of anomalous transient photo-currents in certain xerographic films and of the 1/f noise in neural membrane. Montroll, E.W. IFS
1975 Shymko, Ronald M. Nonlinear diffusion models and spatial interactions in biological systems. Montroll, E.W. IFS
1975 Tredwell, Timothy Detection of high frequency microwave phonons by superconducting tunnel and Josephson junctions. Jacobsen, E.H. SSE
1974 Ackerhalt, Jay Quantum electrodynamic source-field method: frequency shifts and decay rates in single atom spontaneous emission. Eberly, J.H. QOT
1974 Bromberg, Carl M. Hadron production in proton-proton interactions at 102 and 405 GeV/c. Michigan State Professor Ferbel, T. HEE
1974 Celik, Tarik I. Multi-regge approach to the diffractive dissociation reaction 5 . II. Rigorous upper bounds on the wave renormalization constant of deuteron. Hacettepe Univ., Turkey Professor Okubo, S. HET
1974 Elmore, David Single-particle transfer stuides of odd-odd deformed nuclei and the residual neutron-proton interaction. Purdue Univ. Professor Alford, W. P. NSRL
1974 Entenberg, Alan Muon-proton scattering at high momentum transfers: a test of the electromagnetic equivalence of the muon and the electron. RIT Professor Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1974 Gross, Dan A. Low momentum transfer proton-proton elastic scattering up to 400 GeV. Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1974 Hakel, William J. Measurement of small-angle hadron-carbon elastic scattering amplitudes and K regeneration amplitude. Rosen, J. HEE
1974 Jennens, Peter Anthony The development of the UBViyz photometric system and its application to the study of metal abundances in galactic G and K giant stars. High School Teacher Helfer, H.L. A/AP
1974 Lamb, Donald Q., Jr. Evolution of pure C white dwarfs. Univ. Chicago, Astron&Astrophys. Dept. Prof. of Astronomy Van Horn, H.M. A/AP
1974 Milonni, Peter Theoretical aspects of spontaneous photon emission from atoms. Univ. Arkansas Eberly, J.H. QET
1974 Singh, Lal Pratap Saran Lagrangian formulation for arbitrary-spin fields. Hagen, C.R. HET
1974 Strawczyinski, Leo Study of the coherent production reaction + A + A. Nortel Networks Rosen, J. HEE
1974 Towsley, Charles Measurement of static electric quadrupole moments in ~ Ca, ~ Ti, ~ ~ Cr and Fe. Industry Scientist Cline, D. NSRL
1974 Yano, Alva Fumihiko [mu-]-capture by He3. Marshak, R. HET
1973 Ali, Twareque Syed Operationally defined observables in quantum mechanics. Concordia Univ., Montreal Professor Emch, G.G. MP
1973 Banda, Eldad Studies of nearly second order structural phase transitions. Makerere Univ., Uganda Parks, R. CME
1973 Bass, Ronald Spin susceptibility of transition metal alloys. Bennemann, C/Knox, R. CMT
1973 Cohen, Daniel Study of e interactions in deuterium at 7 GeV/c. Ferbel, T. HEE
1973 Craven, Robert Critical behavior of dysprosium. Parks, R. CME
1973 Fontaine, Gilles Outer layers of white dwarf stars. Universite de Montreal Professor Van Horn, H.M. A/AP
1973 Horn, Paul M. Magnetic susceptibility as a probe of microscopic ordering phenomena. IBM Corporation Sr. Vice President & Director of Research Parks, R. SSX
1973 Johnson, Gregory Superconductivity in new A-15 compounds of niobium, by Gregory R. Johnson. Douglass, D. CME
1973 Kubo, Hideo Inner shell vacancy creation in high energy heavy ion-atom collisions. UC-Davis Cancer Center Chief Physicist Purser, K.E. NSRL
1973 Liebsch, Ansgar Dynamical theory of low-energy electron diffraction from disordered overlayers adsorbed on periodic substrates. Bennemann, K. SST
1973 Monticello, Donald Nonlinear theory of the collisional drift wave instability, by Donald A. Monticello. Simon, A. PP
1973 Musinski, Donald Experimental status of the ac Josephson effect in liquid helium. Douglass, D. LTX
1973 Osborn, Robert Gas Cerenkov counter telescope for observation of relativistic cosmic ray nuclei. Badhwar, G. PPT
1973 Parekh, Bharat Cascade process in tow-dimensional fluids driven by periodic forces. Montroll, E.W. IFS
1973 Pattanayak, Deva Extinction theorems in electromagnetic and quantum mechanical scattering theory. Univ. Pennsylvania Adjunct Professor Wolf, E. QOT
1973 Shih, I-Fu Dispersion inequalities and exact bounds on the K decay parameters. Okubo, S. HET
1973 Sorvari, John M. A narrow-band OI index for A- and F-type stars. Sturch, C. AST
1973 Taff, Laurence G. Mass distribution of objects undergoing collisions with applications to interstellar cloud star formation in galactic clusters and the asteroid belt. Savedoff, M.P. AST
1973 Wolfe, John Coarse graining of infinite quantum systems: A C -algebraic study. College of Engr., Univ. Houston Interim Dean Emch, G.G. MP
1972 Bace, Marjan Symmetry breaking and K-decays. Okubo, S. HET
1972 Chang, Jane Electronic excitation interaction between large molecules: application to chlorophylls. Knox, R. S. CMT
1972 Chen, Jen-I I. Hard pion calculations: K --> 2[pi] decays and other applications, and II. Validity of the hypotheses of partial conservation of strangeness-carrying currents. Mathur, V.S. HET
1972 Chopra, Subhash Study of laser beam correlations near threshold. India Inst. Technology Mandel, L. QOE
1972 Clay, John Models for firing of a neuron, and Electrostatics of media with varying dielectric constant. Goel, N.S. IFS
1972 Jamshidi, Abolghassem Nuclear spectroscopy of Ca and Ti nuclei and the application of NEWSR methods of analysis. Iran Alford, W. P. NSRL
1972 Kohler, David Experimental approaches to the phase problem of optical coherence theory. Mandel, L. QOE
1972 Kostoulas, Ioannis Georgiou Moun-proton scattering at high momentum transfers. Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1972 Lama, William Approaches to the treatment of spontaneous emission. Mandel, L. QOE
1972 Littleton, John E. Quantum mechanical treatment of longitudinal plasma waves in stellar plasmas. West Virginia Univ. Professor Van Horn, H.M. A/AP
1972 Markham, Roger Experimental and theoretical study of particle-core coupling in Cu. Fulbright, H. NSRL
1972 Myhrer, Fred Study on pion-deuteron reactions in the resonance region as a three-body problem. Univ. South Carolina Professor Koltun, D. HET
1972 Oyanna, Gabriel Theory for the anomalous thermal properties of uranium dioxide. Bennemann, K. SSE
1972 Perry, John Distribution of neutral hydrogen in the Perseus arm. Helfer, H.L. A/AP
1972 Pinsky, Lawrence S. Study of heavy trans-iron primary cosmic rays (Z [greater than or equal to] 55) with a fast film Cerenkov detector. Badhwar, G. CR
1972 Stone, Sheldon Strange particle and [Pi] meson production in 12.7 GeV/c K p interactions. Syracuse Univ. Professor Ferbel, T. HEE
1972 Wu, Cheng-Hsiao Network model of electronic states of solid interfaces, surface defects, planar defects and thin films. Montroll, E.W. MP
1971 Chang, Fou Sen New methods for nuclear spectra and level densities. Advanced Hi-Tech Corp., CA French, J. B. HET
1971 Chiang, I-Hung Experimental study of K decay. Rosen, J. HEE
1971 Craver, Frederick Theory of concentration quenching of flourescence polarization in two and three dimensional solutions. Knox, R. S. CMT
1971 Hurley, William Galilean-covariant field equations for particles with arbitrary spin. Hagen, C.R. HET
1971 Jaiswal, Ashok Kumar Studies in the photoelectron counting statistics and in the phase space formulation of operators. Wolf, E. QET
1971 Kalman, Calvin Total scattering cross sections in two body strong interactions calculated by an algebraic approach using the group SU(1,3). Concordia U, Canada Professor Hagen, C.R. HET
1971 Katz, Walter [Pi] interactions in deuterium at 7 GeV/c. Ferbel, T. HEE
1971 Kim, Ick Joh Studies on the finite quantum electrodynamics for spin zero boson. Hagen, C.R. HET
1971 Lanford, William Some properties of the two-body effective interaction as determined from nuclear spectra and nuclear reaction. SUNY-Albany Professor Fulbright, H. LEE
1971 Lesser, Peter Measurements of static electric quadruple moments in Ti, Fe, Ni and Ni. CUNY - Brooklyn College Professor and Chair Cline, D. NPE
1971 Liebert, Reuel Treiman-Yang test for the pole approximation in Li (p,pd) He AT 19 MeV. Purser, K.E. NSRL
1971 Marcelja, Stepan Fluctuation corrections to the Landau theory of phase transitions. Univ. Zagreb, Yugoslavia Parks, R. LTE
1971 Matulic, Ljubomir Chirping in self-induced transparency. Eberly, J.H. QET
1971 Meltzer, David Photoelectric investigations of laser light. Mandel, L. QOE
1971 Milligan, Robert F. Microwave transmission through gallium single crystals. Castner, T.G. SSE
1971 Moyer, LeRoy Theory of pion-nuclear scattering lengths, by LeRoy Moyer. Koltun, D. LET
1971 Mugambi, Paulo Theory of nuclear level densities with residual interactions. French, J. B. LET
1971 Murdin, Paul Crab nebula and its pulsar. Edinburgh Planetarium, Scotland Head Sharpless, SL/Duthie, J.G. AST
1971 Panagiotou, Apostolos Spin and parity determination of highly excited states in Ne. University in Greece Professor Gove, H.E. NSRL
1971 Radin, Charles Approach to equilibrium in a simple model. U. Texas, Austin (Mathematics) Professor Emch, G.G. MP
1971 Rao, Gita Subba Maniktala Genetic code, codon frequencies and numerical taxonomy. Goel, N.S. MP
1971 Rehler, Nicholas Theory of cooperative emission from two-level atoms. Eberly, J.H. QET
1971 Richer, Harvey Some intrinsic properties of carbon stars. Univ. British Columbia, Canada Professor Sharpless, S. L. AST
1971 Schroeck, Franklin E., Jr. On the field theoretic approach to the Yukawa interaction of scalar nucleons in the absence of antinucleons. Emch, G.G. MP
1971 Schuerman, Donald Stellar mass-loss induced by radiation pressure and its relevance to planetary nebulae. Savedoff, M.P. AST
1971 Schurmann, Hans Konrad Critical behavior of metallic immiscible liquid binary systems. Parks, R. LET
1971 Sleeper, Arthur Drift dissipative instability. Simon, A. PP
1971 Smith, Charles Anton Backward K P elastic scattering between 1.2 and 2.5 GEV/C. Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1971 Thio, Hoe Tong Isospin spectral and strength distributions. French, J. B. LET
1971 Thomas, Gordon A. Resistive transition of a superconductor. New Jersey Inst. of Technology Distinguished Professor Parks, R. SSE
1971 Wartell, Roger M. Equilibrium helix coil transition of DNA [deoxyribonucleic acid]. Goel, N.S. IFS
1971 Yang, Tsih Chiang I. Covariant time-ordered products of N currents. II. Ku form factors with a massless pion. Mathur, V.S. HET
1971 Zumsteg, Fredrick Nature of the resistance anomaly near the ferromagnetic Curie point. Parks, R. LET
1970 Berlinghieri, Joel C. Kaon, hyperon, and antihyperon final states in K p interactions near 13 GeV/c. Ferbel, T. HEE
1970 Chow, Tai-Low High-velocity cloud collisions. Savedoff, M.P. A/AP
1970 Chu, William Peter Study of saturable absorbers for ruby lasers. Hersher, M. QO
1970 Doyle, Arthur ENDOR study of the Oe center in KCl, KBr and KI. Framingham State Prof. and Vice Pres Acdm Castner, T.G. CME
1970 Farber, Morton Study of diffractively produced three-body final states in K p interactions at 13 GeV/c. Boeing International Sr. Analyst Ferbel, T. HEE
1970 Gertzman, Henry Measurements of static electric quadrupole moments and transition probabilities in the region of A = 144 to 150. Gove, H.E. NSRL
1970 Green, Daniel Study of interference between amplitudes for KuL-->2 [pi] uo and KuS-->2 [pi] uo. Rosen, J. HEE
1970 Gucker, Edward Establishment of upper limits for two parity-violating parameters in the nucleon-nucleon scattering matrix at 210 MEV. Thorndike, E. HEE
1970 Kim, John Jungyu The second order shifts in frequency and amplitude in the non-linear theory of EXE instability. Simon, A. PP
1970 Lalor, Sean Eamon Angular spectrum representation of electromagnetic fields and its use in the treatment of interaction problems. Wolf, E. QOT
1970 Lee, Fai-Tsen Effects of defects on the network models of solids. Montroll, E.W. MP
1970 Lu, Ming-Taw Band structure of odd-A rhenium isotopes by proton stripping reactions. Alford, W. P. NS
1970 Lui, Yu-Chien Continuous moment sum rules. Okubo, S. HET
1970 Masker, Warren Fluctation effects in one- and two-dimensional superconductors. Parks, R. LTP
1970 Moffett, David Read KuouS charged to neutral decay branching ratio, a precision measurement. Rosen, J. HEE
1970 Peterson, Paul D. Maser amplification and resonant attenuation of 9.5 GHz ultrasonic waves in nickel doped sapphire. Jacobsen, E.H. SSE
1970 Rao, J. Subba Applications of weak interaction Hamiltonian to strangeness-changing and strangeness-preserving parity-violating processes. Marshak, R. HET
1970 Samuel, Mark On finite quantum electrodynamics. Hagen, C.R. HET
1970 Wawrukiewics, Anthony Astronomical properties of M-supergiants. Sharpless, S. L. AST
1970 West, Bruce J. Many-body theory of nuclear spectral relations. Duke Univ. Adjunct Professor Koltun, D. LET
1970 Yang, Yeou-Wei I. Semileptonic decay of [Omega] hyperon. II. Gross CP violation in strong cubic intermediate vector boson theory. Marshak, R. HET