Graduate Program

Alumni 1960-1969

PHD Name of Graduate Thesis Title Current Appointment Position Advisor Field
1969 Agarwal, Girish Saran C-number calculus for functions of non-commuting operators and phase space representation of quantum dynamical systems. Physical Research Lab., India Wolf, E. QOT
1969 Becherrawy, Tamer Radiative corrections to K/3. Mathur, V.S. HET
1969 Bhargava, Raj K. Optical properties of hydrogen and lithium atom impurities in solid neon and in solid argon. Dexter, D. L. CMT
1969 Brandt, Bruce Intermediate states in thin superconductors. Florida State, Nat'l Magnetic Lab. Division Director Parks, R. CME
1969 Clark, Patricia On the axial alignment of interstellar disturbances in the nuclei of variable galaxies. High School Teacher Savedoff, M.P. A/AP
1969 Davidson, Frederic Higher order correlation properties of laser beams. John Hopkins (EEC Dept) Professor and Chair Mandel, L. QOE
1969 Druger, Stephen Theory of trapped hole centers and carrier mobilities in rare gas solids. Knox, R. S. CMT
1969 Hsu, Jong-Ping I. Currents, spectral function and their applications. II. A dispersion approach to interference model, local duality principle and proton-neutron mass difference. Univ. Mass.-Dartmouth Professor Okubo, S. HET
1969 Hussain, Afzaal Nucleon nucleon bremsstrahlung. Koltun, D. LET
1969 Kutter, G. Siegfried Evolution of initially pure C stars and the production of planetary nebulae. Savedoff, M.P. A/AP
1969 Mohanti, Ajit Aspects of current algebra theory and applications. Marshak, R. HET
1969 Mohapatra, Rabindra N. Part I: Generalized superconvergence sum rules and applications. Part II: Structure of weak interaction at high energy. Univ. Maryland Professor Marshak, R. HET
1969 Moinester, Murray He,d) reaction on CL and CL and the structure of AR and AR. Tel Aviv Professor Alford, W. P. HEE
1969 Olson, Dale Wilson Fluctation effects in one- and two-dimensional superconductors. Castner, T.G. SSE
1969 Seehra, Mohindar S. Magnetic properties of copper formate tetrahydrate. West Virginia Univ. Eberly Professor Castner, T.G. CME
1969 Serio, Savatore Contributions of inelastic channels to the pion's E. M. form factor. Production of strange particles in proton-proton scattering. Okubo, S. HET
1969 Sinha, Kalyan B. Non-interaction theorem for a class of Bose fields, by Kalyan Sinha. Emch, G.G. MP
1969 Tewksbury, Stuart Backward K P elastic scattering between 1.0 and 2.5 BEV/C. Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1968 Adelberger, Rexford Measurement of the cross section and polarization in proton-deuteron elastic scattering at 198 MeV. Guilford Univ. Professor Thorndike, E. HEE
1968 Bahnsen, Axel Proton proton bremsstrahlung at 20 MeV. Copenhagen Univ. Professor Burman, R. NSRL
1968 Bedard, Gabriel Contributions to the theory of photon counting statistics. Wolf, E. QOT
1968 Benin, David Thermal conductivity of quantum crystals, by David B. Benin. Arizona State Assoc. Professor Emeritus Knox, R. S. CMT
1968 Blair, McClellan Low temperature attenuation of 9.4 KMC elastic waves in quartz. Jacobsen, E. H. CME
1968 Brown, Charles Nelson Experimental test of the impulse approximation at 200 MeV. Thorndike, E./Lobkowicz, F. CYC 130"
1968 Chanda, Rajat Compton scattering, radiative processes and the spectral function sum rules. Okubo, S. HET
1968 Cladis, Patricia E. Magnetically coupled superconductors. Adv. Liquid Crystal Tech, NJ Parks, R. CME
1968 Cobb, Roland William Experiment to detect primary cosmic gamma rays. Duthie, J. G. CR
1968 Cohen, Stephen L. Self consistent calculation of the medium strong and electromagnetic mass splittings of the baryon octet. Hagen, C.R. HET
1968 Cook, Charles James Cross section measurements of pion double charge exchange on vanadium at 31 MeV and lithium at 30 MeV. Nordlund, T. CYC 130"
1968 Dialetis, Demosthenes Correlation theory of the electromagnetic field in the presence of random sources. Wolf, E. QOT
1968 Forman, Barbara (Lasinski) Two-prong plus vee topology in K p interactions at 13 BeV/c. Melissinos, A.C. HEE
1968 Guertin, Robert P. Localized magnetic moments in superconducting and normal metals. Tufts Univ. Professor Parks, R. CME
1968 Lommen, Paul W. Integral fluxes of primary cosmic rays at Palestine, Texas, and Fort Churchill, Canada near solar minimum. Kaplon, M. CR
1968 Mihalisin, Ted W. Positron annihilation as a probe for many body effects in metals. Temple University Professor Parks, R. CME/LT
1968 Moran, William P. Internal symmetry group SU x SU with minimal extensions parity and charge conjugation applied to strong meson decay. Marshak, R. HET
1968 Pfleegor, Robert Interference of independent light beams at low intensities. Mandel, L. QO
1968 Shen, Ming-Liang High energy interactions. Kaplan, M. CR
1968 Stewart, Joseph Vernon Detection of cosmic gamma rays using a spark chamber counter system. Kaplan, M. CR
1968 Swenberg, Charles Dynamics of triplet excitons in polyacene crystals. Knox, R. S. SST
1968 Thomas, Alan Richard Measurement of the neutron proton differential cross section and polarization at 200 MeV: both free n-p and n-p in deuterium. Global Cllimate Observing System (GCOS), World Meteorological Organization, Switzerland Director Thorndike, E. CYC 130"
1968 Unger, Stanley ELectroluminescence in the alkali halides. Teegarden, K. OPT
1967 Badhwar, Gautam D. Study of the isotopic composition of low-energy hydrogen and helium nuclei in the primary cosmic radiation. Kaplon, M. CR
1967 Bastawros, Abelmalak Mesak Study of the C (He ,d)N reactions. Fulbright, H. CYC
1967 Birnbaum, David Measurement of the phase of the CP violating amplitude for K --> [pi] [pi] . Tinlot, J./Rosen, J. HEE
1967 Calpacas, Anna, J. Composite model of the [sigma] hyperon. Marshak, R. HET
1967 Crow, Jack E. Superconductivity in the presence of magnetic exchange fields Florida State, Nat'l Magnetic Lab. Director/Professor Parks, R. CME
1967 Dow, John D. Resonance energy transfer in condensed media from a many-particle viewpoint. Arizona State Professor Knox, R. S. CMT
1967 Groff, Ronald P. Superconductivity in small systems. DuPont Phamaceuticals Co. Parks, R. CME
1967 Ilukor, John Study of excitaion and propagation of ultrasonic waves in quartz at 114 GhZ. Deceased - Makere Univ., Uganda Professor Jacobsen, E.H. SSE
1967 Khanna, Mohinder Studies on some consequences of algebra of currents and models of elementary particles. Obubo, S. HET
1967 Koehler, Peter F. M. Measurement of radiative proton-deuteron interactions at 197 MEV. Univ. Pittsburgh Professor Thorndike, E. HEE/CYC 130"
1967 Martin, T. Patrick Impurity induced infrared absorption in a monatomic f.c.c. lattice. Knox, R./Gold, A. CMT
1967 Metzger, Wesley James [Pi] -p interactions at 900 Mev. Melissinos, A.C. PP
1967 O'Brien, John Francis Photoelectric emission from thin film rare gas solids in the vacuum ultraviolet at 20uo K. Teegarden, K. OPT
1967 Pasupathy, Jagadisan Minimal interactions, current algebra and applications. Indian Institute of Science, India Marshak, R. HET
1967 Reilly, Michael H. Band structure and deformation potentials of solid xenon. Knox, R. S. SST
1967 Robbins, John Study of the O (He,n)Ne reaction between 7.6 and 10.0 MeV. Fulbright, H. CYC 27"
1967 Share, Gerald Minimal interactions, current algebra and applications. Kaplan, M. CR
1967 Spalding, David Two pn Experiments at 200 MEV: Asymmetries from Carbon and Deuterium, and a Measurement of the Triple Scattering Parameter Dt Thorndike, E. CYC 130"
1967 Vaidya, Arvind Algebra of currents and pion production at low energies. Okubo, S.
1967 Von Briesen, Hans Muon-proton elastic scattering at high momentum transfers. Yamanouchi, T PP
1966 Emmons, Larrimore B. The optical constants of opaque indium films deposited and measured in an ultra-high vacuum. Givens, P. QO
1966 Grunwald, Hubert P. Transport properties of amorphous selenium. Givens, P. OPT
1966 Marshall, James Frankin Measurement of the proton-proton cross section and polarization in the coulomb interference region at 213 MeV. Lobkowicz, F./Gotow CYC 130"
1966 Mochel, Jack McKinney Quantized vortices in thin superconductors. Univ. Illinois-Urbana Professor Emeritus Parks, R. LT
1966 Reed, James T. Measurements of positive kaon production in proton-proton collisions at 2.85 and 2.40 Mev. Melissinos, A.C. PP
1966 Rothe, Kenneth Measurement of the proton-proton Brehmsstrahlung cross section at 204 MeV. Thorndike, E. CYC 130"
1966 Schwartz, John Jay Measurement of 2p3/2-1f7/2 interaction parameters. Stanford (moved to Private Law Practice) Chief Counsel (Retired) Alford, W. P. NSRL
1966 Skadron, George Origin and properties of the cosmic ray rigidity spectrum. Kaplon, M. CR
1966 Ueda, Yoshiaki Studies on invariance principles in elementary particle physics and proton-proton bremmstrahlung. Obubo, S HET
1966 Wang, Fleur Belle Giant electric dipole resonance in nitrogen 15. French, J. B. LET
1965 Bansal, Ram Krishan Core polarization in transfer reactions via shell model and sum-rule techniques. Panjarb University French, J. B. HET
1965 Blau, Lawrence Martin Quantitative spectroscopic studies using the (He ,[Chi]) reaction. Alford, W. P. CYC 27"
1965 Ellsworth, Robert Waldo Muon-proton scattering at high momentum transfers. George Mason Univ. Professor Tinlot, J. HEE
1965 Hsu, Loke Soo Microscopic models for vibrational states in nuclei. French, J. B. LET
1965 Pepper, Stephen V. Consequences of strong pair interactions of the weak intermediate boson with hadrons and decay mode K-->2[pi + r]. Obubo, S HET
1965 Schechter, Joseph Michael Studies on vector meson resonance, and the possibility of three fundamental fields. Syracuse Univ. Professor Okubo, S. HET
1965 Vaughan, Arthur H. Jr. Investigation of the HeI[Lambda]10830 jA emisson line in the Orion Nebula. Jet Propulsion Lab., CA Scientist Savedoff, M.P. AST
1965 Vila, Samuel C. Study of the last stages of evolution of solar mass stars. Savedoff, M.P. AST
1965 Wojtaszek, Joseph H. Electromagnetic mass differences of baryon, mesons and 3/2 resonances. Marshak, R. HET
1965 Wong, Samuel S. M. Shell-model investigation of the mass-16 nuclei. Univ. Toronto Professor French, J. B. HET
1964 Arons, Michael E. Finite quantum electrodynamics: a field-theoretic model using an indefinite metric, by Michael E. Arons. Sudarshan, E. C. G. HET
1964 Ginocchio, Joseph N. General structure of and symplectic symmetry in f7/2 nuclei. French, J. B. HET
1964 Lavakare, P.J. Isotopic composition and the energy spectrum of low energy helium nuclei in primary cosmic radiation. Kaplon, M. CR
1964 London, Georges W. Intrinsic and dynamic properties of the [Chi] hyperon. Saclay Scientist Melissinos, A.C. PP
1964 Mehta, Chandra Lal Studies in the statistical properties of electromagnetic radiation. Wolf, E. OPT
1964 Mukanda, N. Studies in Hamiltonian theories of relativistic interacting particles, and in the application of symmetry groups to elementary particle physics. Sudarshan, E. C. G. HET
1964 Pinski, Gabriel Nucleon-antinucleon annihilation into pions and heavy non-strange bosons. Sudarshan, E. C. G. HET
1964 Spergel, Martin S. On baryon antibaryon scattering. Marshak, R. HET
1963 Fowler, W. Beall Energy bands in solid krypton. Lehigh University Professor Emeritus Knox, R. S. CMT
1963 Han, Moo-Young Indefinite metric theory of finite quantum electrodynamics. Duke Univ. Professor Sudarshan, E. C. G. HET
1963 Hatsukade, Shigeo Resonance model for photoproduction of K-mesons on nucleons. Marshak, R. HET
1963 Kano, Yutaka Contribution to the coherence theory of the electromagnetic field. Wolf, E. OPT
1963 Knapp, Richard A. Photoelectric emission from lead sulfide in the near and vacuum ultraviolet. Teegarden, K. OPT
1962 Acharya, Raghunath Some studies in axiomatic theory of fields, and Hamilton dynamics of interacting relativistic particles. Arizona State Professor Emeritus Sudarshan, E. C. G. HET
1962 Appa Rao, M. V. K. Isotopic composition of low energy helium nuclei in primary cosmic radiation. Tata Inst of Fundamental Res., India Kaplon, M. CR
1962 Bardakci, Korkut Studies in axiomatic field theory. UC-Berkeley Professor Sudarshan, E. C. G. HET
1962 Bose, Samir Kumar Some applications of dispersion relations; decay of strongly interacting particles, effect of pion resonances on the properties of kaons and pions. Univ. Notre Dame Professor Marshak, R. HET
1962 Currie, Douglas G. Hamiltonian description of interaction for classical, relativistic particles. Univ. Maryland Professor Emeritus Sudarshan, E. C. G. HET
1962 Deshpande, Vijay Study of the reaction mechanism of the C (d,n) N and C (d,p) C reactions between 3.2 and 4.1 Mev. Fulbright, H. CYC 27"
1962 Dullemond, Cornelis On hyperon-nucleon scattering. Marshak, R. HET
1962 Griffin, Emery E., Jr. Measurement of the polarization of 7-8 Mev protons inelastically scattered from the first excited state of Ni and Ti. Alford, W. P. CYC 27"
1962 Jordan, Thomas F. Quantum mechanical scattering problem. Univ. Minnesota-Duluth Professor Emeritus Sudarshan, E. C. G. HET
1962 Kim, Chung-Hum Theoretical study of odd-odd nuclei. French, J. B. LET
1962 Knapp, David E. Elastic scattering and phase shift analysis of [pi]u+ P near 30 Mev. Barnes, S. CYC 130"
1962 Konradi, Andrei Measurement of the proton-proton differential scattering cross section at 210 Mev. Tinlot, J. CYC 130"
1962 Marsh, Bruce B. Study of the C (d,[alpha])B and B (He ,p)C reactions. SUNY-Albany Distinguished Teaching Professor, Emeritus Bilaniuk, O. NPE
1962 Nilsson, Jan S On the structure of weak interactions. Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences President Marshak, R. HET
1962 Saylor, Dwight Proffer Boundary condition model for p-p scattering. Marshak, R. HET
1962 Smith, David Young Variational theory of paramagnetic impurities in Van der Waals crystals. Univ. Vermont Professor Emeritus Dexter, D. L. CMT
1962 Troyon, Francis S. Comparison of the quantum mechanical and field theoretical amplitudes for the photodisintegration of the deuteron. Goebel, C. HET
1962 Verba, John Wesley Study of the resonant contribution to the C (d,n)N reaction near 4.00 Mev. Fulbright, H. CYC 27"
1961 Bryan, Ronald A. Semiphenomenological p-p potential model. Texas A&M Professor Marshak, R. HET
1961 England, Alan Coulter Measurement of the Wolfenstein triple scattering parameter A at 210 Mev for the proton-proton system. Tinlot, J. CYC 130"
1961 Gibson, William Arthur Measurement of the Wolfenstein parameter R at 210 Mev. Tinlot, J. CYC 130"
1961 Gold, Albert Impurity states in solid neon. Harvard Assoc. Dean Dexter, D. L. CMT
1961 Iwao, Syurei Isotopic spin impurities in nuclear states. Istituto Di Fisica, Italy French, J. B. LET
1961 Kinsey, Kenneth F. Charge exchange scattering of negative pions by protons at 20.7 Mev. Barnes, S. CYC 130"
1961 Milgram, Alvin Arthur Extreme ultra-violet absorption by lithium fluoride. Givens, P. OPT
1961 Miyake, Kozo Charge exchange scattering of negative pions by protons at 31 Mev. Barnes, S. CYC 130"
1961 Taketani, Hiroshi Study of (p,p') reaction mechanisms at low energies. Alford, W. P. CYC 27"
1961 Yamanouchi, Taiji Part I: The lifetime of the [Sigma] hyperon. Part II: On strangeness 2 meson. Fermilab Office of the Director Kaplan, M. PP
1960 Axelrod, Norman The transmission of chromium in the extreme ultraviolet. Givens, P. QO
1960 Davis, Howard Fred Search for the decay [mu] --> e + [gamma] Tinlot, J. CYC 130"
1960 Sakita, Bunji Application of dispersion relations; K[mu][nu] decay and leptonic decay of hyperon; photodisintegration of the deuteron. CCNY Distinguished Prof. Emeritus Goebel, C. HET
1960 Schnitzer, Howard Joel Pion production and the second pion-nucleon resonance. Brandeis Professor Marshak, R. HET