Graduate Program

Alumni 1930-1949

PHD Name of Graduate Thesis Title Current Appointment Position Advisor Field
1949 Graham, Gordon Alexander R. Energy levels of F and N by inelastic scattering of protons. Van Voorhies, S. N. CYC 27"
1948 Davis, Kenneth Edward Nuclear energy level system of Be determined by inelastic scattering of protons. Collins, G. B. CYC 27"
1948 Dearnley, Irvine Henry Angular distribution of protons scattered by protons. Barnes, S. CYC 27"
1948 Hafner, Everett Mark Energy state of Al and C by inelastic scattering of protons. Van Voorhies, S. N. CYC 27"
1948 Longmire, Conrad Lee Alternative decay process in absolutely forbidden Beta transitions and the virtual excited state of Be . Marshak, R. LET
1948 Moyer, James Wallace Scattering of protons by deuterons at 7 MeV. Barnes, S. CYC 27"
1948 Oxley, Charles Lewis Analysis of seven MeV proton; proton scattering experiments. Barnes, S. CYC 27"
1948 Perry, Joseph Earl Absolute differential cross sections for the scattering of protons by protons. Barnes, S. CYC 27"
1943 Courant, Ernest David Effect of the image force and the quantum mechanical tunnel effect of the D.C. characteristics of crystal rectifiers. Brookhaven National Lab. Emeritus Distinguished Scientist Weisskopf, V. CMT
1942 McCreary, Ralph Leroy Study of internal conversion of gamma rays and of beta-radioactivity of light nuclei. Dubridge, L. CYC 27"
1941 Apker, Leroy Woodard Energy distribution of the photoelectrons from some metals and semi-conductors. Dubridge, L. CMT
1941 Dessauer, Gerhard Transmutations and fission of heav nuclei (Z [greater than of equal to] 72) induced by high energy protons. Some experiments with lighter nuclei. Dubridge, L. CYC 27"
1941 Dicke, Robert Henry Inelastic scattering of protons and nuclear energy levels. Dubridge, L. CYC 27"
1941 Marshall, John Jr. Inelastic scattering of protons. Barnes, S./Van Voorhories, S.N. CYC 27"
1940 Crawford, Dean Parker Determination of the energies of the radiations from artificial radioactive elements. Dubridge, L. CYC 27"
1940 Enns, Theodore Study of proton induced radio-activities. Dubridge, L. CYC 27"
1940 Hill, Jerald Everett Proton-neutron reactions in lithium and beryllium and the application of the lithium neutrons to the measurement of neutron-proton thresholds. Dubridge, L. CYC 27"
1940 Jupnik, Helen Photoelectric properties of zinc oxide and bismuth. Dubridge, L. SSE
1939 Ewing, Douglas Hancock Cloud chamber investigation of the alpha-rays of actino-uranium. Dubridge, L. CYC 27"
1939 Maurer, Robert Joseph Excitation functions for proton-neutron reactions. Dubridge, L. SS EXP.
1939 Valley, George E. Photoelectric and optical properties of sodium and barium. MIT Professor (MIT) Dubridge, L.
1938 Baker, Richard Freligh Photoelectric yield of cadmium in the Schumann region. Dubridge, L. CMT
1938 Buck, John Henry Radioactive isotopes produced by the bombardment of zinc and selenium with high energy protons. Dubridge, L. CYC 27'
1938 Packer, Donald M. An experimental determination of the optical and photo-electric properties of free surfaces of potassium at liquid air temperature. O'Brien, B. SSE
1938 Strain, Charles Victor Investigation of the radioactivities produced by bombarding nickel and copper with high energy protons. Dubridge, L. CYC 27"
1937 Hill, Albert Gordon Photoelectric emission from sodium. Dubridge, L. SSE
1937 King, Allen Lewis Photoelectric and thermionic investigations of thoriated tungsten surfaces. Dubridge, L. SSE
1936 Mann, Marvin Mellar The absolute photoelectric yield of beryllium, magnesium, and sodium. Dubridge, L. SSE
1936 Perrin, Fred Hiram An experimental investigation of flicker in binocular vision. O'Brien, B. OPT
1936 Rayton, Willis Wilson cloud-chamber investigation of the alpha particles from uranium. Wilkins, T. R. CYC 27"
1935 Glover, Alan Marsh Photoelectric and thermionic work functions of thoriated tungsten. Wilkins, T. R. CME
1935 Russell, Theodore Alton Physical and optical properties of evaporated metal films. O'Brien, B. SSE
1935 Wolfe, Robert Norton The response of a photographic emulsion to alpha-rays. Wilkins, T. R. SSE