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Undergraduate Program

Honors Program

The Honors Program in Music comprises a minimum of 16 credits and requires work above and beyond that of any particular track in terms of both quality and quantity. Students may apply for admission to the Honors Program any time after admission to the concentration, but no later than the end of fall term of the junior year. They are eligible to apply with a minimum grade point average of 3.5 in non-applied music courses. Application must include a prospectus for the honors project and a proposed course of study, approved by the faculty member who has agreed to serve as the student's advisor for the honors program.

The course of study should present a coherent pattern of advanced study in music history, music theory, musical theater, music criticism, music education, performance, jazz studies, arts management, or other areas of specialization. At least eight credits must be in music courses (MUR or ESM courses) numbered above 200, with students encouraged to explore upper-level or graduate-level courses at ESM. (These credits also satisfy the elective requirement for the concentration in music.) Certain courses of study (music criticism, arts management, musical theater) will necessarily require advanced courses in other departments.

Admission to the Honors Program will be based on an evaluation by the faculty of the merits of the proposed course of study and evidence of the student's ability to complete it successfully. Each honors candidate will submit a final honors project that shall be evaluated by a committee, which may include extra-departmental or extra-university members. The honors project may be a research paper, a performance, or other appropriate demonstration of mastery on a level beyond that expected of the music concentrator. Normally the honors candidate will enroll in MUR 391 (Independent Study) while preparing the Honors Project.