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Undergraduate Program

Recitations, Workshops, Becoming a TA

Become a Teaching Assistant, Workshop Leader, or Grader--Fall 2020

General information about employment with the Department of Mathematics is available HERE.  

Please read it before applying to be a TA or grader.

Because of the unusual circumstances this spring, TA applications for the fall will be somewhat different. There is an application to fill out, and we also request that you provide two short recommendations. (See below.) There will probably not be an interview process.

Although we ask what course you would prefer to be involved with, we put all applicants in the same pool. There are no specific applications for specific courses. 

The application is linked HERE. (

Recommendations: You will need two recommendations. One should be from a math instructor. The other should be from someone who knows you well--an advisor, an RA, a TA, another instructor--in some official capacity. Please assure your recommenders that a very brief note on your behalf will suffice. This recommendation should not be burdensome for them. They can either fill out the form linked here,, or they can send an email to


Applications will be due April 16 at 11:59 pm EDT.