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Undergraduate Program

Recitations and Workshops

Mathematics courses numbered 141-165 frequently have recitations or workshops associated to them. These are small-group weekly meetings designed to support and enrich student learning.

How to Sign Up for Recitations and Workshops

The sign-ups will open Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 at 4:30 p.m.

To access your course’s sign-up page:

  • Sign in to Blackboard, and look under “My Organizations”.
  • Click on “2019-Fall-Recitations-Math ###”.
  • You will be taken to the sign-up page for your course.


These are the instructions to follow once you have gone to the correct “My Organizations” page. These instructions are also posted on the page itself.

  • Click on Recitation (or Workshop) Sign-up in the left panel. You’ll get “Math ### Recitations”.
  • Click to sign up. You’ll get a list of recitations. Choose carefully. You may only choose one. Changes are possible, but they lead to delays.*
  • The one you choose will be listed whenever you return to the organization page from blackboard.

*Use care when choosing a recitation time. Keep your schedule in mind. For example, if you are an athlete, avoid times that will conflict with practice or travel to away games. If you mistakenly choose a time that you are not able to attend, send an email to kmadhu@ur.rochester.eduIn the subject line, put your name and your course number. (MTH ###, not the 5-digit crn.)  In the  body of your email  include only the following:

  • Your name (again)
  • Your course number (again) 
  • The recitation you mistakenly chose--day, time, and place.

You will not be re-assigned, so there is no need to say which recitation you would prefer. You will be removed from the incorrect recitation. You will be notified when you are clear to choose another recitation. Again, if you choose carefully to begin with, you will be able to avoid the delay this process will entail.

Become a Teaching Assistant, Workshop Leader, or Grader

The math department employs many undergraduate students each semester as teaching assistants, workshop leaders, and graders. General information about employment with the Department of Mathematics is available HERE. Please read this before proceeding to the application.

Applications are currently closed. The application process will begin in March 2019 for the Fall 2019 semester. If you would like, you may leave information about yourself by filling out the form linked here: Interest Form