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Algebra and Number Theory


Seminars meet on Wednesdays from noon - 1 p.m. in Hylan 1106A, unless otherwise noted. There will be an after seminar dinner from 6 p.m., and the dinner place will be announced later.


Steve Gonek

  • The Riemann zeta function, L functions, and the distribution of prime numbers

C. Douglas Haessig

  • Zeta functions of algebraic varieties over finite fields, families of exponential sums, p-adic cohomology

Alex Iosevich

  • Classical Analysis with Application to Partial Differential Equations, Fourier Integral Operators, Geometric Combinatorics and Geometric Measure Theory, Analytic Number Theory, Convex Geometry and Probability Theory

Naomi Jochnowitz

  • Algebraic number theory, modular forms, p-adic modular forms

Saul Lubkin

  • Algebraic geometry, homological algebra; Construction of algebraic-topological like invariants in algebraic geometry

Juan Rivera-Letelier

  • Arithmetic dynamics and geometry

Dinesh Thakur

  • Number theory, arithmetic geometry, function field arithmetic

Thomas Tucker

  • Arithmetic geometry, diophantine equations, algebraic dynamics

Current Graduate Students

Partial List of Past Graduate Students

  • Kalyani Madhu (2013, Tucker) - University of Rochester
  • Stephen Lester (2013, Gonek) - Tel Aviv University
  • Adam Towsley (2012, Tucker) - CUNY Graduate Center
  • Joel Dreibelbis (2009, Tucker) - Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
  • Justin Sukiennik (2009, Tucker) - Visiting Assist. Prof, Univ. of Minneapolis
  • Vijay Sookdeo (2009, Tucker) - Assist. Prof. at Catholic University, Baltimore, MD
  • Micah Milinovich (2008, Gonek) - (University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS)
  • Alexander Kasiukov (2001, Lubkin) - (Suffolk County Community College, Grant Campus, New York)
  • Vivek Sondhi (2000, Gonek) - (Commerzbank Securities, London)
  • Tiantang Peng (1999, Lubkin) - (United Health Group, Minneapolis)
  • Jose Gagero (1997, Gonek) - (Catholic University, Santiago Chile)
  • Cristian Cobeli (1997, Gonek) - (Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy)
  • Cheri L. Boyd (1995, Pizer) - (Nazareth College, Rochester, New York)
  • Songjie Ren (1994, Jochnowitz) - (No information available)
  • Sungtae Jun (1991, Pizer) - (Kunkuk University, Korea)
  • Xiaoying Dong (1990, Segal) - (Duke University)
  • Jinsung Yoo (1987, Lubkin) - (No information available)
  • Shepley L. Ross II (1985, Pizer) - (Bates College)
  • Michael Miller (1984, Segal) - (LeMoyne College, Syracuse, New York)
  • Richard Sot (1980, Lubkin) - (No information available)
  • Goro Kato (1979, Lubkin) - (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo)
  • Thomas Shemanske (1979, Pizer) - (Dartmouth College)
  • Georges Grinstein (Segal) - (University of Massachussets, Lowell)
  • Mauriso Alves da Silva (Segal) - (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brasil)
  • Melvyn Nathanson (Segal) - (Lehman College (CUNY), New York, New York)