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Jennifer L. Creech

Jennifer L. Creech

  • Associate Professor of German

PhD, University of Minnesota

Office Hours: Spring 2019: On Leave



Jennifer Creech is  Associate Professor of German in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures, Affiliate Faculty in Film and Media Studies, and Associate Faculty at the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. Her research and teaching interests include late 20th-century German literature, film and culture; cinema studies; Marxist and feminist theories; and audio-visual criticism. She is the author of Mothers, Comrades & Outcasts in East German Women’s Films (Indiana University Press, 2016), and has published on East German and post-unification cinema in Seminar and Women in German Yearbook. She is also the co-editor of Spectacle: German Visual Culture, vol. 2 (Peter Lang, 2015) and The Body: German Visual Culture, vol. 5 (forthcoming 2018). She is currently working on a collaborative book and documentary film project that explores the story of former Namibian refugees in East Germany, and is a member of the Digital Feminist Collective.

Courses Offered (subject to change)

  • CLT 225:  Feminism and Porn (Spring 2018)
  • GER 203:  Introduction to German Literature (Fall 2017)
  • GER 204:  Marx and Marxism (Spring 2014)
  • GER 215:  Berlin: Tales of a City (Fall 2013)
  • GER 256:  Advanced Topics in German Studies: Germany Year Zero: Post-War German Literature, 1945-1989 (Spring 2018)
  • GER 272:  Gender and Sexuality in the Twentieth Century (Fall 2016)
  • GER 282:  The Films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Fall 2014)
  • GER 283:  Cinema and Revolution: The West German Avant-Garde (Spring 2013)
  • GER 284:  Hollywood Behind the Wall: Introduction to East German Cinema (Fall 2017)
  • GER 285:  Men of Marble, Women of Steel: Introduction to East European Cinema (Spring 2015)
  • GER 286:  New Austrian Cinema (Fall 2015)
  • GER 288:  Mothers, Comrades, and Whores: Women in Post-War German Cinema (Spring 2016)

Selected Publications

Selected Presentations

  • “Women of the Alt-Right.” Introductory lecture, Oregon State International Film Festival/German Campus Week, Oregon State University, November 2017.
  • Transparent and the Affective Politics of Being a Feminist Killjoy.” Seminar: Feminist Scholar-Activism and the Politics of Affect. German Studies Association Conference, Atlanta, October 2017.
  • “Would-Be Heroes: The DDR-Kinder of Namibia.” Women in German Conference, University of Calgary/Banff, October 2017.
  • “Sex Work: Aesthetics and Politics.” Seminar: New Feminist and Queer Approaches to German Studies. German Studies Association Conference, Washington DC, October 2015.
  • “Sex and/as Work.” Women in German Conference, University of Calgary/Banff, October 2015.

Book Reviews

Honors and Activities

  • Women in German Best Article Prize for "A Few Good Men: Gender, Ideology, and Narrative Politics in 'The Lives of Others' and 'Good Bye, Lenin!'," 2010