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Music Cognition Symposium

The Music Cognition Symposium (MusCS) is a group of researchers from Eastman School of Music and the College (Arts, Sciences & Engineering) at URochester, from Cornell and SUNY Buffalo, and regularly includes faculty from Oswego, Toronto, Hamilton and other universities in the greater western New York - Toronto area.

Music Cognition Symposium meets 4 times a year year (twice in the fall and twice in the spring) on Saturday afternoons for the purpose of exploring ideas and topics in music cognition and related fields such as linguistics, cognitive psychology, experimental psychology, ethnomusicology as well as allied fields such as (but not limited to) genetics and anthropology. We are open to a wide range of ideas and topics. All are welcome to attend.

To be added to the symposium’s e-mail mailing list, contact David Temperley (

Music Cognition Symposia, 2017-18

Saturday, September 30, 2017
Guest speaker: Sean Hutchins, Royal Conservatory of Music
Ciminelli Lounge, Eastman School of Music, 2:00-5:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 18, 2017
Guest speakers: Laura McPherson (Dartmouth College) and Gavin Bidelman (University of Memphis) 
Ciminelli Lounge, Eastman School of Music, 2:00-5:00 p.m.

Once a year we also feature presentations of ongoing work by students and faculty, and discussions of readings and topics in music cognition and allied interests. Recent topics have included performance, perfect pitch, expression, probabilistic modeling, melodic expectation, and music-language connections.

All are invited to contribute ideas about topics and events for future symposium. Please send comments to any member of the Steering Committee.  Current members of the Symposium’s steering committee are:

The sessions run from 2-5PM and usually include two talks by invited speakers, with discussions after each talk.

A few of the speakers in recent years have included:

Roger Chaffin
Elaine Chew
Sarah Creel
Roger Dannenberg
Steven Demorest
Mary Farbood
Sid Fels
Jessica Graun
Peter Gregersen
Andrea Halpern
Erin Hannon
David Huron
Petr Janata
Ed Large
Steve Larson
Fred Lerdahl
Dan Levitin
Charles Limb
Justin London
Psyche Loui
Elizabeth Margulis
Steve McAdams
Devin McAuley
Josh McDermott
Ken’ichi Miyazaki
Rosemary Mountain
Eugene Narmour
Jean-Jacques Nattiez
Caroline Palmer
Bryan Pardo

Ani Patel
Isabelle Peretz
Dirk-Jan Povel
Bruno Repp
Jean-Claude Risset
Frank Russo
Gottfried Schlaug
Mark Schmuckler
John Sloboda
Michael Thaut
Barbara Tillman
Laurel Trainor
Sandra Trehub
Victoria Williamson
Robert Zatorre