Research Interests:

1. Phonetic fieldwork, developing methods for the documentation of speech communities, phonological and phonetic analyses of field data, phonetic typology of contrast systems.

Online resources

  • How to Use Young and Morgan's The Navajo Language (online July 2016) Vimeo.
  • Dene Speech Atlas. Product of NSF-DEL project Online: July 2013, revised 2018. Website demonstrating the sounds of the Dene language communities in the Mackenzie River Basin Drainage and environs (NSF #0853929).

2. Morphology. The structure of the lexicon in complex morphologies. The phonetics of word formation. Word&Pattern morphology. Navajo and Dene word structure and formation.

  • Olivier Bonami, Joyce McDonough and Sacha Beniamine (2017) 'When segmentation helps: Implicative structure and morph boundaries in the Navajo verb.", ISMo 2017, Lille France.
  • LabEx Chair, Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3. The Structure of the Navajo Verbal Complex. 4 lectures. April- May 2017.
  • JM McDonough (2014).The Dene verb: how phonetics supports morphology. InProceedings of 18th Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas, University of California, Berkeley, April 5-7, 2013.

3. The neural coding of speech sounds. With Laural Carney (BME and Neurobiology & Anatomy).

I focus particularly on the phonetic and phonological structure of endangered or under-resourced languages and dialects, to attempt to providing baseline descriptions of these systems as a ground for further work. I am especially interested in languages with complex morphologies, and the representation of linguistic forms in the brain.

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