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Research Interests:

1. Phonetic fieldwork, developing methods for the documentation of speech communities, phonological and phonetic analyses of field data, phonetic typology of contrast systems.

2. Morphology. The structure of the lexicon in complex morphologies. The phonetics of word formation. Word&Paradigm morphology. Navajo and Dene word structure and formation.

3. The neural coding of speech sounds. With Laural Carney (BME and Neurobiology & Anatomy).

I focus particularly on the phonetic and phonological structure of endangered or under-resourced languages and dialects, to attempt to providing baseline descriptions of these systems as a ground for further work. I am especially interested in languages with complex morphologies, and the representation of linguistic forms in the brain. Related research interests focus on linguistic aspects of pitch, meter and rhythm, spoken word performance and their interface with music, with colleagues at the Eastman School of Music,Harold Danko and Elizabth Marvin.

Joyce McDonough 2014