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Research workshops: variable amounts

The research workshop is an alternative to the academic conference. There are many benefits to working in a small private research institution, but one of the drawbacks is that many faculty have few, if any, colleagues who share their specific interests. Traveling to academic conferences sometimes allows one to share ideas with colleagues, but more often than not one still doesn’t find precisely those people with whom an intense and sustained conversation would be most profitable.

The Rochester Research Workshop is designed to allow UR faculty to engage in short, intense brainstorming sessions with colleagues at other institutions without ever having to leave home. The workshop format is simple: we pay to bring those colleagues to Rochester. The workshops can be very brief—a day or two—or they can last the better part of a week. They can take place during the semester, during break, or in the summer. They can take whatever format best enables applicants to work with colleagues in an intensive, productive exchange of ideas that will help advance research. The Humanities Project asks that some part of research workshops discussion be open to potentially interested colleagues in whatever form makes most sense: a meeting in a department seminar room, a roundtable discussion in Rush Rhees, a visit to a class that is tightly connected to the research topic, etc.

The requirements are few: two or more UR faculty members in the humanities collectively invite a few colleagues from outside the university for a one-time visit to engage in intensive brainstorming. These workshops are not designed to fund isolated, individual research projects with outside collaborators, so it is crucial that the workshop proposal demonstrates a significant engagement with the humanities community at the college. The Humanities Project will cover the visitors’ travel and lodging and offer a nominal per diem for food. The Humanities Project will not offer an honorarium to the outside visitors.

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