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Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy & Community Mental Health: Insights from a Ladakhi Monk and Scholar

May 02, 2018
05:30 PM - 07:00 PM
Louise Slaughter Conference Room (Room 1-9555), URMC

Come join Geshe Konchok Wangdu, a Tibetan Buddhist monk and professor, as he discusses his work in Ladakh, an arid and sparsely populated region in the Indian Himalayas. While Ladakh’s unique culture and geography, along with its rapidly changing climate and economy, pose unique challenges to mental health,
Geshe Wangdu believes that insights from Tibetan Buddhist philosophy can inform mental health promotion in other communities as well.

Geshe Konchok Wangdu is the director of Ladakh’s only nationally certified university, The Central Institute of Buddhist Studies. The title ‘Geshe’ is earned only after years of study and a rigorous set of oral examinations; the U.S. equivalent would be a PhD in Buddhist studies. He is interested in community mental health
promotion through the lens of Buddhist philosophy.

URMC Division of Medical Humanities & Bioethics
UR Research Award
UR Humanities Center
URSMD Psychiatry Interest Group

Snacks & refreshments provided

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