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Multimodal/Digital Composition Scholar Cheryl Ball

April 06, 2017 - April 07, 2017

Cheryl E. Ball will be giving a lecture and a series of workshops at the University of Rochester on Thursday, April 6, on topics related to teaching digital scholarship and multimodal composition. Much of her work, which addresses multimodal composition, digital publishing and editing, and university writing pedagogy, can be found on her personal repository:

The full schedule of events and abstracts are below. We hope that you can join us for some or all of these events! Please share this invitation to anyone else who might be interested. Events are sponsored by the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program at the University of Rochester. Please contact with any questions.

We will have limited spots for the workshops and lecture. Please RSVP below to ensure your spot!

Please RSVP by 3/24 here:

Thursday, April 6: Workshop and Lecture

10:00-11:30 am — Workshop: “Reading Multimodal Texts: Identifying and Interpreting Arguments in Multimedia” (Gamble Room, Rush Rhees Library)

This workshop will review strategies for semiotic meaning-making in digital media texts. It’s useful for beginners just getting started with multimodal comp and folks freaked out by assessing students’ digital media productions.

11:30-12:30 pm — Lunch with Q&A (Gamble Room, Rush Rhees Library)

1:00-2:30 pm — Keynote Lecture: “Teaching Multimodal Assignments through an Editorial Pedagogy” (Welles-Brown Room, Rush Rhees Library; Reception to follow lecture)

This lecture provides an overview of theories that are useful for framing a curriculum or course in multimodal composition—or classes that use writing assignments more generally. Drawing on the New London Group’s multimodal pedagogies and elsewhere from rhetorical genre theory, Professor Ball will discuss a praxis-oriented approach to creating a writing-intensive course that highlights multimodal composition. Creating a classroom space where students author real-world assignments with real-world genre conventions and consequences, Professor Ball provides a model for teaching and assessing multimodal composition through an “editorial pedagogy,” which offers editorial-like

feedback from the instructor and sets up students to function as awesome peer reviewers of others’ work.

Friday, April 7: All Day Workshop: "Assigning & Assessing Multimodal Projects"

In this full-day, hands-on workshop, Professor Ball will quickly review an editorial pedagogical approach (discussed in the lecture more completely the night before) and then move, in the morning session, to working with instructors on creating multimodal assignments that use this approach. The afternoon session will focus on assessing these kinds of assignments through a combination of the instructors’ own expertise and rhetorical knowledge and doing so to reach proper learning outcomes through an editorial pedagogy.

10:00-12:00 am — Morning session (Hawkins Carlson Room, Rush Rhees Library)

12:00-1:00 pm — Lunch (Hawkins Carlson Room, Rush Rhees Library)

1:00-3:00 pm — Afternoon session (Hawkins Carlson Room, Rush Rhees Library)

Reception to follow afternoon session


Cheryl E. Ball is Associate Professor of Digital Publishing Studies and Director of the Digital Publishing Institute at West Virginia University, where she specializes in multimodal composition, digital publishing and editing, and university writing pedagogy. Since 2006, Ball has been editor of the online peer-reviewed open-access journal Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, which exclusively publishes digital media scholarship. Her research on reading, writing, and assessment practices in digital media—including editorial workflows and digital publishing infrastructures—can be found in multiple journals and edited collections, as well as on her personal repository, She is currently the co-principal investigator (along with Andrew Morrison) on a $1-million Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant to build an open-access multimedia academic publishing platform, Vega, and serves as the executive director of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals.

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