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Stand Up Straight! Seeing Posture in Western Culture

March 28, 2017
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Memorial Art Gallery auditorium (500 University Ave)

Presented by Sander L. Gilman, Ph.D., J.D.
Emory University
Distinguished Professor of the Liberal Arts & Sciences; Professor of Psychiatry

From the ancients to the moderns, how the body’s posture is understood shaped and shapes our understanding of what is human (did Neanderthal Man “stand up straight?” or slouch), what is beautiful (in art from the Greeks to the present), what is patriotic (no slouching in ranks!), as well as what is healthy. What we ascribe to upright posture is very much being the perfect human –today and projected into the past. Our understanding of posture was and is part of the history of medicine as well as the history of art is central.

Sponsored by the CLUSTER FOR HEALTH AND HUMAN VALUES, University Committee for Interdisciplinary Studies; Co-sponsored by the University of Rochester PAUL M. SCHYVE, MD, CENTER FOR BIOETHICS

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