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The Land(ing)

February 14, 2017
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Humanities Center Conference Room D

The Land(ing), an exhibition by University of Rochester alumni, Owen Marc Laurion, includes a variety of contemporary works addressing the American history of occupying landscapes.

The Land(ing) is an exhibition for exploring narratives, fallacy, and the object in context of American landscapes, values and politics. Just as language can be manipulated by context or its perception, materiality is equally disparate in meaning and function. This exhibition relies upon a material approach to sculpture, where medium is not just the ink or clay, but rather can be the genre, frame, and space. If we take a material -and fluid - approach to art, then sculpture remains a consistent and human pattern of making, altering, and imbuing context upon the world. Navigating both ceramic forms and digital prints, the exhibition relies upon a contradiction between the appearance of the thing and what the object is doing. The Land(ing) is a way to explore both the mental and material nature of this encounter.   

The Land(ing) is a collage of histories, myths, and values within the framework of an American narrative. Continentals landed. Americans manifested themselves across Native Peoples' land. The moon was occupied for a moment, and now plans are made to land on another planet. The physical landscape, whether urban or rural, plays an intimate part in the conception of self and the construction of identity. Land(ing) is a constant state of being, and this exhibition seeks to address a particular American history of expansion, ecology, and idealism.  

Receptions to follow from 5-7pm in Asls Gallery and Art/Music Library Gallery.

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