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8th Annual Graduate History Conference: "Fashioning People: Memory, Identity, and Consumption"

February 25, 2017
09:00 AM - 04:30 PM
Gowen Room, Wilson Commons

Catherine E. Kelly
University of Oklahoma

8:30-9:00 ▪ Registration and Light Refreshments

9:00-9:15 ▪ Opening Remarks, Professor Thomas C. Devaney , Incoming Director of Graduate Studies, University of Rochester Department of History, & Miss Katrina Ponti, Conference Mistress of Ceremonies

9:15-10:45 ▪ SESSION I


  • Moderator: Professor Michael Jarvis, University of Rochester
  • Kelsey Utne ▪ Cornell University ▪ “Zenana & Students’ Days: Targeting Audiences & Shaping Publics at the Lahore Museum, 1900-1919”
  • Mingqian Liu ▪Texas A&M Univeristy ▪ “The Missing Landscape of Yuanmingyuan: Preservation and Revitalization of a Chinese Imperial Garden”
  • Lisa Pearl McIntosh ▪ University of Guelph ▪ “Stories with Purpose: An Historiographical Examination of Story-telling, Memory, and Oral Traditions in Contemporary Indigenous Histories”
  • Daniel Gorman, Jr. ▪ University of Rochester ▪ “Sarah Fenster’s Neighborhood: Demography, Community, and One Child’s Life in 1900 Jewish Philadelphia”

10:45-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 ▪ SESSION II


  • Moderator: Professor Jean Pedersen, University of Rochester
  • Philip D. Erenrich ▪ Syracuse University ▪ “‘Is Your Wife Skilled in Palmistry?’: Culture and Race in US Immigration Policy and the Formation of the American Gypsy, 1891-1932”
  • Marianne Kupin-Lisbin ▪ University of Rochester ▪ “Vilâyetname of Haci Bektas Veli: A Microcosm of Sixteenth Century Ottoman Identity”
  • Zachary Arms ▪ Lehigh University ▪ “Brotherhood of the Hunt: Outing Magazine and the Masculine Sportsman, 1900-1902”
  • Richard D. Deverell ▪ University at Buffalo (SUNY) ▪ “What Parents Don’t Know about Moral Panics”

12:30-1:30 ▪ Lunch Break


Introduction: Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, Professor of History , Syracuse University

“Disappearing Acts: William Hamilton and the Cultural Politics of Loyalism in the Early American Republic”

Catherine E. Kelly
Professor of History,
The University of Oklahoma

2:30-2:45 ▪ Coffee Break
2:45-4:15 ▪ SESSION III


  • Moderator: Professor Daniel Borus, University of Rochester
  • Daniel Nelson ▪ University of Rochester ▪ “The Problem of the Eccentric Author: Dickinson, Thoreau, Coetzee”
  • Catherine Treesh ▪ Yale University ▪ “Forming a Radical Political Community with the Boston Massacre Orations”
  • Gregory Wiker ▪ University of Rochester ▪ “In the Eye of the Storm: Bermuda in an Atlantic World at War, 1775-1815”
  • Davor Mondom ▪ Syracuse University ▪ “Capitalism with a Human Face: Amway, Direct Sales, and the Redemption of Free Enterprise”

4:15-4:30 Closing Remarks, Mr. Phillip Koyoumjian, Conference Chairman

Please join us after the Conference for a social hour at Grappa (30 Celebration Drive, Rochester, NY)

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