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"Istanbul Exchanges in a Global Context"

November 09, 2015
05:30 PM - 07:00 PM
Welles-Brown Room

"Istanbul Exchanges in a Global Context, "a talk by Mary Roberts (University of Sydney / Clark Art Institute).

There has been much talk in recent years about expanding the discipline to create a global history of art, but what precisely are the new methods and protocols for writing these more encompassing transcultural histories? I have long thought that Istanbul and its cross-cultural webs of art patronage have much to tell us about what a global history of nineteenth-century art might look like. The capital of the Ottoman Empire had a particularly vibrant art scene in this period. European artists were working alongside Muslim and non-Muslim Ottomans with many artistic initiatives receiving patronage from both foreign diplomatic communities and the Ottoman court. Webs of art patronage connected Istanbul to Western Europe; they operated between the capital and other cities within the empire and also encompassed links between communities in Istanbul and the Russian Empire in the Caucasus. By tracking these multi-sited and multidirectional art connections, I disclose the nodes and vectors that register the particularities of Istanbul as a place of cross-cultural contact while also situating Istanbul’s exchanges within a global history of nineteenth-century art.

Respondent: Ifthikar Dadi (Cornell University)

Sponsored by the Central New York Humanities Corridor.

Category: Lectures and Seminars