Film and Media Studies

Undergraduate Program

The Gollin Film Festival

The Gollin Film Festival is the premier student film festival at the University of Rochester. Named in honor of Professor Emeritus of English Richard Gollin, the festival gives University of Rochester undergraduates the chance to gain recognition and present their original works to a wide audience.


A panel of faculty members associated with the FMS program selects the winners. Cash prizes are awarded to the first, second, and third place winners and to those receiving honorable mentions.


The festival is open to all currently enrolled undergraduate students at the University and is sponsored by the Film and Media Studies (FMS) Program.

Each student may submit up to two films created since enrolling at the University. Moving images can be shot on or created in any media, or using a variety of media including cell phones, .gif animation, video, 16mm film, Hi-8, Flash, etc.

Submissions need to be delivered in one of the following digital format to be accepted:

Your movie file needs to be delivered to us on USB drives, SD cards, or as an accessible file on CD or DVD disc.

We will not accept auto-play or menu-driven DVD formatted discs of your movie. We must be able to access a file version of your movie in one of the aforementioned formats.