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Congratulations to Nikolaus Wasmoen!

March 16, 2015

PhD candidate and Blake-Archive contributor Nikolaus Wasmoen has been appointed Project Manager for the recently-launched ModNets (short for "Modernist Networks"). The latest addition to the consortium of scholarly digital projects that includes the well-known NINES and 18thConnect, ModNets intends to offer peer review of digital modernist projects, to aggregate scholarly resources in the field, and to render easily searchable the full range of digital publications that traditional libraries tend to omit from their indices and collections.

In related news, Nick has recently been invited to join the advisory board of the Marianne Moore Archive, which, though still in pre-planning stages, will eventually aim to produce a digital edition of Moore's monumental trove of notebooks (100+ in all). Among its other innovations, the project is looking to team up with biometrics experts so as to create a new kind of software capable of recognizing and reading handwriting.