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Graduate Program

Graduate Seminar Descriptions: Spring 2018


ENG 506 Writing the Fairy: Its Origins, Developments, and Ambiguities

Instructor: S. Higley
CRN: 82693
M 1400-1640

Description TBA.

ENG 514 Pre-Modern Idea of the Book

Instructor: G. Heyworth
CRN: 82770
R 1400-1640

Description TBA.

ENG 549 WWI and the Culture of Memory

Instructor: B. London
CRN: 82719
T 1400-1640

Description TBA.

ENG 557 Reading the Lyric

Instructor: K. Gross
CRN: 82706
W 1400-1640

“The lyric” has always been an elusive quarry, as is the question of what kinds of critical tools we need to listen to, analyze, and animate lyric poems. The seminar will combine the intense study of the work of particular lyric poets with the close reading of texts by important critics and theorists of the lyric. Among the other questions we’ll consider are the nature (and fiction) of voice in lyric, the fate of the lyric “I,” the importance of formal elements (meter and rhyme, the organization of sound and syntax), the nature of linguistic play and “difficulty” in lyric poetry, the work of metaphor, the shape of poetic memory. The poems taken up will include Shakespeare’s sonnets, the lyrics of John Donne, and poems by John Keats, Emily Dickinson, Thomas Hardy, and Wallace Stevens. We’ll also be devoting time to crucial critical texts by William Empson, John Hollander, R. P. Blackmur, Christopher Ricks, Sharon Cameron, Anne Carson, and Jonathan Culler among others.