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Graduate Students

Fenix Garcia-Tigreros Kodovska

Fenix Garcia-Tigreros Kodovska

PhD Candidate
Entry Year: 2013
Faculty Mentor(s): John D. Kessler

107D Hutchison Hall
(585) 275-2514
Fax: (585) 244-5689


MS, Chemical Oceanography, Texas A&M University
BS, Chemistry, Binghamton University

Research Overview

The fate of oceanic methane (CH4) and its impact on global climate has been of particular interest to the global community. The potential for vast amounts of CH4 to be emitted from the seafloor into the atmosphere due to gas hydrate decomposition and thawing of sub-sea permafrost as seawater warms has been under evaluation. However, despite the great extent of these geological reservoirs, much of the CH4 released in deep ocean environments does not reach the atmosphere. Once dissolved in ocean water, the CH4 emitted can be microbially converted to either carbon dioxide (CO2) or assimated to biomass. Investigating local changes in ocean CO2, pH, and carbonate saturation in climate sensitive regions that are experiencing active CH4 seepage is the focus of my research. Furthermore, I am interested on developing new analytical techniques.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Garcia-Tigreros, F. and John D. Kessler (2018)Assessing the influence of aerobic methane oxidation on ocean carbon dioxide and pH in Hudson Canyon, northern U.S. Atlantic Margin. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences.
  • Sparrow, K.J., Kessler, J.D., Southon, J.R., Garcia-Tigreros, F., Schreiner, K.M., Ruppel, C.D., Miller, J.B., Lehman, S.J. and Xu, X., (2018). Limited contribution of ancient methane to surface waters of the US Beaufort Sea shelf. Science advances4(1), p.eaao4842.
  • Garcia-Tigreros Kodovska, F., Sparrow, K., Yvon-Lewis, S., Paytan, A., Kessler, J. D. (2016). "Dissolved Methane and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in Subarctic and Arctic Regions: Assessing Measurement Techniques and Spatial Gradients". Earth and Planetary Science Letters, DOI:10.1016/j.epsl.2015.12.002.
  • Dimova, N., A. Paytan, J. D. Kessler, K. J. Sparrow, F. Garcia-Tigreros Kodovska, A. L. Lecher, J. Murray, and S. Tulaczyk (2015). "The current magnitude and mechanisms of groundwater discharge in the Arctic: a case study from Alaska." Environmental Science & Technology, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b02215.
  • Lecher, A.L., J.D. Kessler, K. Sparrow, F. Garcia-Tigreros Kodovska, N. Dimova, J. Murray, S. Tulaczyk, A. Paytan. (2015) “Methane transport through submarine groundwater discharge to the North Pacific and Arctic Ocean at two Alaskan sites.” Limnology and Oceanography, doi: 10.1002/lno.10118.
  • Paytan, A., A. Lecher, N. Dimova, K. Sparrow, F. Garcia-Tigreros Kodovska, J. Murray, S. Tulaczyk, J.D. Kessler. (2015) “Methane transport from the active layer to lakes in the Arctic using Toolik Lake, Alaska, as a case study.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi:10.1073/pnas.1417392112.
  • Du, M., S. Yvon-Lewis, F. Garcia-Tigreros, D.L. Valentine, S. Mendes, J.D. Kessler. (2014) “High resolution measurements of methane and carbon dioxide concentrations and air-sea fluxes reveal the influence of methane seepage on greenhouse gas dynamics in a massive natural seep field near Coal Oil Point, California.” Environmental Science & Technology. doi: 10.1021/es5017813.
  • Bianchi, T.S, Garcia-Tigreros, F., Yvon-Lewis,S.A., Shields, M., Mills, H.J., Butman, D., Osburn, C., Raymond, P., Shank, C., DiMarco, S.F., Walker, N., Reese, B., Mullins, R., Quigg, A., Aiken, G.R., and Grossman E.L. (2013) Enhanced Transfer of Terrestrially-Derived Carbon to the Atmosphere in a Flooding Event. Geophysical Research Letters.
  • Valentine, D.L., J.D. Kessler, M.C. Redmond, S.D. Mendes, M.B. Heintz, C. Farwell, L. Hu, F.S. Kinnaman, S. Yvon-Lewis, M. Du, E.W. Chan, F. Garcia Tigreros, C.J. Villanueva (2010), Propane respiration jump-starts microbial response to a deep oil spill, Science, 330, 208, DOI: 10.1126/science.1196830.

Conference Abstracts and Invited Talks

  • Garcia-Tigreros , F., Schreiner, K., Sparrow, K., Kessler, J. D. (2017). "Assessing acidification from the remineralization of dissolved organic carbon and methane in the coastal Beaufort Sea, Alaska", Goldschmidt Meeting, Paris, France (Poster).
  • Garcia-Tigreros Kodovska, F., Sparrow, K., Yvon-Lewis, S., Paytan, A., Kessler, J. D. (2016). "Dissolved Methane and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in Subarctic and Arctic Regions: Assessing Measurement Techniques and Spatial Gradients", Ocean Sciences Meeting, New Orleans, LA (Poster).
  • Garcia-Tigreros Kodovska, F., J.D. Kessler, M. Leonte, A. Chepigin, M. Kellermann, E. Arrington, D.L. Valentine. (2015). "Carbonate Chemistry Dynamics in an Area of Active Gas Seepage: the Hudson Canyon, US Atlantic Margin," AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA (Poster).
  • Garcia-Tigreros Kodovska, F. and J.D. Kessler. (2015). "The potential influence of aerobic methane oxidation on ocean carbon dioxide and pH," Center for Arctic Gas Hydrates, Environment and Climate (CAGE), The Arctic University of Norway, Norway (Invited Talk)
  • Garcia Tigreros, F., and Yvon-Lewis,S.A., The Combined Effect of Ocean Acidification and Eutrophication on Water pH and Aragonite Saturation in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, poster presentation at the 2013 Ocean Carbon Biogeochemistry Workshop in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
  • Garcia Tigreros, F, S. A. Yvon-Lewis, T. S. Bianchi, M. Shields, R. Wanninkhof, D. Pierrot, Effects of the 2011 Mississippi River Flood on CO2 Fluxes in the Louisiana Coastal Zone; Linkages with Riverine DOM, Oral presentation at the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Garcia Tigreros, F., Abudalo, R., and Sadik O. (2008), “Autonomous Multieletrode Sensor for NADH Detection in Normal and Cancerous Cells” 53rd Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium of the Rochester section of the American Chemical Society, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY ( Oral presentation).


  • Introduction to the Geological Sciences, Fall 2013 - Teaching assistant
  • Marine Geology, Spring 2014 - Teaching Assistant
  • Chemical Oceanography, Fall 2014 - Teaching Assistant


  • 2016, Dissertations Symposium in Chemical Oceanography XXV, Invited Participant
  • 2013-2015, University of Rochester Provost Fellowship
  • 2013, Ocean Carbon Biogeochemistry Student Travel Award
  • 2010-2012, National Science Foundation S-STEM Scholar
  • 2012, National Science Foundation S-STEM Student Travel Award

Field Experience

  • 2017, August 25 - September 6, R/V Hugh R. Sharp, Northern U.S Atlantic Margin, USA
  • 2016, May 1 - 9, R/V Helmer Hanssen, Longyeabyen, Svalbard, Norway
  • 2015, August 29 - September 5, R/V Ukpik, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, USA
  • 2014, July 1 – 13, R/V Helmer Hanssen, Tromso, Norway
  • 2013, July 7 - 14, R/V Endeavor, Northern U.S. Atlantic Bight, USA
  • 2012, August 07 - 12, R/V Pelican, Gulf of Mexico, USA
  • 2012, July 29 - August 3, Barrow Field Station, Barrow, Alaska, USA
  • 2012, July 24 - 28, Toolik Field Station, Toolik Lake, Alaska, USA
  • 2012, July 19 - 23, Kasitsna Bay Laboratory, Kasitsna Bay, Alaska, USA
  • 2012, April 25 – 30, R/V Pelican, Gulf of Mexico, USA
  • 2011, August 16 – 21, R/V Pelican, Gulf of Mexico, USA
  • 2011, June 20 – 25, M/V Blazing Seven, Gulf of Mexico, USA
  • 2011, April 25 – May 01, R/V Pelican, Gulf of Mexico, USA
  • 2010, August 15 – 20, R/V Pelican, Gulf of Mexico, USA
  • 2010, June 10 – 21, R/V Cape Hatteras, Gulf of Mexico USA