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Two majors in the environmental field, a BS in Environmental Science (EVS) and a BA in Environmental Studies (ESP) are offered in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. A minor in environmental geology is also available. Interested students should contact Professor Karen Berger (585) 275-3934 or the department office at (585) 275-5713.  Students who declared the EVS or ESP major prior to Summer 2017 may complete their program of study under either the previous program guidelines or the newly revised guidelines.  The previous guidelines are available in the Departmental Office, 227 Hutchison Hall.

BS vs. BA

The BS program is designed to give students the background for graduate work and professional careers in the earth and environmental sciences, and in those areas in which the earth sciences overlap with the life sciences or with engineering.

The BA program is designed to allow more flexibility in program design and is pursued not only by students preparing for graduate work in the earth sciences but also by students interested in law, management, or teaching.

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