GEOS-Chem LIS/OTD redistribution files and code

The most recent lightning redistribution files for GEOS-Chem.

MeteorologyResolutionDomainValid PeriodLinks
GEOS-FP4º x 5ºGlobalApr 2012-July 2017ncbpch
GEOS-FP2º x 2.5ºGlobalApr 2012-July 2017ncbpch
GEOS-FP0.25º x 0.3125ºChinaApr 2012-July 2017ncbpch
GEOS-FP0.25º x 0.3125ºEuropeApr 2012-July 2017ncbpch
GEOS-FP0.25º x 0.3125ºNorth AmericaApr 2012-July 2017ncbpch
MERRA-24º x 5ºGlobalAnyncbpch
MERRA-22º x 2.5ºGlobalAnyncbpch
MERRA-20.5º x 0.625ºAsiaAnyncbpch
MERRA-20.5º x 0.625ºEuropeAnyncbpch
MERRA-20.5º x 0.625ºNorth AmericaAnyncbpch
AllAllAllSee Abovetgz

You may obtain the associated necessary code updates for v11-01 from

> git clone -b bleeding_edge_lnox

which you may merge with your repository. Alternatively, you can simply swap out the HEMCO/Extensions/hcox_lightnox_mod.F90 file with the one in the repository, which should also be backwards compatible with v10-01. You will need to update the filename in HEMCO_Config.rc to reflect the redistribution file.

These files are to be submitted to the official repository, and have not yet been officially benchmarked. Therefore, users should verify that their lightning NOx emissions look sensible.

These have been generated using the most recent version of the LIS/OTD High Resolution Monthly Climatology (v2.3.2015) from the NASA Global Hydrology Resource Center.

Please contact Lee Murray with any questions or to report any issues.