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Graduate Program

MA Program

Master of Arts Program

The M.A. program is STEM-designated and offers a rigorous curriculum with quantitative training in economics. It builds on the excellence of the Ph.D. program to provide the technical foundations to do a Ph.D. in economics or work in government, central banking, international organizations, or economic consultancies.

The program is a nine-month program (August to May). It starts in mid-August with a math course and follows closely the first-year Ph.D. courses. The M.A. degree requires successful completion of coursework and of a master’s thesis in the form of a research project due in early-May.

An undergraduate degree in Economics is not required, but a strong quantitative background is expected, with a minimum of one year of calculus and one semester of both linear algebra and mathematical statistics. 


Students are required to fulfill 30 credits of study, divided into coursework and research work. Coursework is made up of 14 half-semester courses and research work consists of one half-semester master-thesis seminar.



Math Camp


ECO 471: Modern Value Theory I (two half semesters)

ECO 475: Macroeconomics I (two half semesters)

ECO 484: Econometrics I (two half semesters)

ECO 481: Mathematics I (two half semesters)


ECO 472: Modern Value Theory I (one half semester)

ECO 476: Macroeconomics I (two half semesters)

ECO 485: Econometrics I (one half semester)

ECO 482: Mathematics (one half semester)

ECO 487: Applied Economics (one half semester)

ECO 489: Master Thesis (one half semester)

Students can take additional courses offered by the Economics department, conditional on approval by the DGS.

Successful completion of coursework requires passing grades in all courses. Students who receive one letter C grade will be placed on probation and two C’s result in automatic separation from the program, as per AS&E’s policies. Successful completion of the research project will be determined by a committee of three faculty members. 


Admission is available for summer 2020. The deadline for applications is June 15th, but we will begin reviewing applications on May 1st. Applications should be made online.

Required Application Materials

UR seniors/graduates: transcript, names of two UR faculty members as references, and a personal statement.

Non UR seniors/graduates: transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.

Additional materials (like a writing sample) that could enhance your chances can be added to your online submission.

While we do not require either GRE or TOEFL scores, we encourage you to provide evidence of English proficiency in your personal statement (or additional writing sample). 


Applicants should refer to to see the current tuition and fee schedules for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Our MA program requires 30 credits. Merit-based tuition discounts are available for exceptional candidates. Fellowships and assistantship are not available for students in the M.A. program.


All inquiries about the graduate program should be directed to the Director of Graduate Studies, Paulo Barelli, at (585) 275-8075 or, or the graduate coordinator, Pamela Young, at (585) 275-8625 or