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Public Health Grand Rounds: Solomon Abiola, M.S.

March 04, 2016
Helen Wood Hall Auditorium


Linking Research to Community Health Improvement Jointly sponsored by the Department of Public Health Sciences & URMC Center for Community Health

“Health Big Data Applications for Realtime Infectious Disease Modeling from Ebola to Zika and Beyond”

Solomon Abiola, M.S. Predoctoral Student Researcher University of Rochester Medical Center The pervasiveness and ubiquitous presence of smartphone technology coupled with the rise of wearables remains an untapped resource in the fight against global infectious diseases. In 2015 we leveraged this technology during the height of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa to perform realtime contact tracing. Numerous applications exist beyond Ebola, and will be discussed with regards to the ongoing Zika virus outbreak.

Friday, March 4, 2016 Helen Wood Hall Auditorium 12p – 1p

Assorted wraps will be available while supplies last. Bring your own beverage.

ASL interpreters will be provided as available. For specific requests on this or other accommodations, Contact Jennifer VanRy, 585-224-2061 with requests and/or questions

This seminar series is funded in part by Cooperative Agreement #5U36CD319276CFDA93.283 which is shared by the American Association for Medical Colleges and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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