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The Data Breach at Target Stores

October 01, 2014
06:00 PM - 07:00 PM
CSB 209

Mark Weiner '88, Reliant Info Security

How hackers used big data extraction techniques to pull off the most sophisticated cybercrime in US history

Credit cards belonging to eighty million Americans were exposed in the data breach at Target Stores last Christmas.  While the impact on consumers was widely publicized, details regarding the underlying sophistication of the attack have only recently emerged.  The Target Breach has ushered in a new phase in the war against cyber criminals.  This discussion, hosted by Reliant Security, will illustrate how hackers used big data extraction techniques in an automated attack that stole credit card data from thousands of Point-of-Sale terminals.

Founded by a U of R alum in 2006, Reliant is focused on credit card data security, software-defined infrastructure and systems automation.  With offices in heart of mid-town Manhattan, Florida and Brazil, Reliant’s customers include some of the best known global brands including Barnes & Noble, Chanel, Footlocker, Gucci, Hallmark and Seven-Eleven.  We are growing rapidly and hiring young engineers who share our passion for systems automation, advance data analytics and adaptive solutions to emerging cyber threats.


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