About Us

Message from the Dean

Characterized by its diversity of academics and scholarship, the School of Arts & Sciences at Rochester is, in many ways, the University’s educational foundation.

Approximately 4,000 undergraduate students are enrolled in arts and sciences. However, nearly all of the University’s undergraduate students interact or engage with the school during their time at Rochester. That’s because the School of Arts & Sciences—more than any other academic unit—crosses and connects disciplines and departments.

Our students excel in the classroom, participate in independent study, conduct research alongside faculty, study abroad, and engage in extracurricular activities, community service, and entrepreneurial endeavors. They do so with the leadership, guidance, and mentoring of our award-winning faculty, who are nationally and internationally recognized for their teaching, research, and scholarship.

In addition, the School of Arts & Sciences is at a particularly strong point in its history. Our recent points of pride include:

These are only a few examples, which are noteworthy and commendable. But resting on our laurels is simply not in our DNA. We will continue to strategically support, improve, expand, and enhance our school’s academic programs in ways that best serve the University as a whole.

That’s why I’m thrilled to lead the School of Arts & Sciences during this important time in its evolution. As we look ahead and move forward, our plan is to build on the unique strengths of each division within Arts and Sciences, including:

Finally, I’d like to thank the school’s faculty, students, staff, and alumni. As members of the School of Arts & Sciences, we comprise the largest academic unit at the University. My goal as dean is to support and encourage you as we work together to make the world ever better.


Gloria Culver, Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences

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