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Political Economy and Development

This track concerns the political forces behind global and domestic economic outcomes such as poverty, growth, and inequality. Students gain the theoretical tools and historical background relevant to contemporary debates on topics such as globalization, government regulation, the environment, economic justice, and human development.

  • PSC/IR 102 Introduction to International Political Economy
  • PSC/IR 106 Introduction to International Relations
  • IR 205 Global Sustainable Development: Policy and Practice
  • PSC/IR 217 How Countries Become Rich
  • PSC 234 Financial Regulation
  • PSC 235 The Political Economy of U.S. Food Policy
  • IR 237 Gender and Development
  • PSC/IR 239 International Environmental Law & Policy
  • IR 240 Human Rights, Minorities and Migration in Europe
  • PSC 244K Politics and Markets: Innovation and The Global Business Environment
  • PSC 247 Green Markets: Environmental Opportunities and Pitfalls
  • PSC/IR 251 Authoritarianism
  • PSC/IR 255 Poverty and Development
  • PSC/IR 256 Theories of Comparative Politics
  • PSC/IR 257 The Origins of the Modern World
  • PSC/IR 259 Order, Violence, and the State
  • PSC/IR 261 Latin American Politics
  • PSC/IR 262 Elections in Developing Countries
  • PSC/IR 266 The Politics of India and Pakistan
  • PSC/IR 268 International Organization
  • PSC/IR 269 Migration, Economic Change, and Conflict
  • IR 286 Political Economy of Developing Countries
  • PSC 287 Theories of Political Economy
  • PSC/IR 289 The Role of the State in Global Historical Perspective
  • PSC 290 Unequal Development and State Policy: Brazil, the U.S., and Nigeria
  • PSC 294 Political Economy of African-American Communities