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Undergraduate Program

Congratulations to the class of 2020!

On Friday, May 15th, 2020, the University of Rochester virtually conferred 1,377 degrees to this year's senior class.  Two hundred and twenty of those graduates were majors of the Undergraduate Program in Biology and Medicine (UPBM).  The majors consisted of 46 biology majors,  19 computational biology majors, 15 cell & developmental biology majors, 6 ecology & evolutionary biology majors, 25 molecular genetics majors, 22 biochemistry majors, 40 microbiology majors, and 47 neuroscience majors.  Of these graduates, 74 graduated with Latin Honors and 21 graduated with Honors in Research.

Visit the below links to the virtual diploma ceremonies of our UPBM departments for speeches from department chairs, faculty, and student speakers, as well as lists of graduates, awards, and a tribute to our biology teaching assistants.              

We are exceptionally proud of all our students and everything that they have accomplished.  Although a virtual commencement was not something any of us planned for and certainly not ideal, our graduates showed grace and fortitude. We wish all our graduates a bright and successful future as they embark on new adventures and challenges.