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Hutchison Hall 309

Department of Biology

University of Rochester
River Campus Box 270211
Rochester, New York 14627-0211

Left to right, front to back,: Rachel Edwards, Prof. Jack Werren,

Michael Clark, Rhitoban Raychoudhury, Chris Desjardins, David Loehlin.

(photo by Adam Fenster)


EUREKA!!: The Werren Lab has been awarded a EUREKA grant from NIH to explore the function and evolution of parasitoid venoms!!    Eureka is a prestigious NIH grant to fund “exceptionally innovative research”, and we are exceptionally excited about the prospects of exploring the function, evolution, and drug discovery potential of parasitoid venoms.   If you are interested in learning more about this research area, contact Jack Werren.

Opportunities for graduate study in the Werren laboratory: Topics include (a) evolution of gene networks in development, (b) genetics of  adaptation (behavior, morphology) and speciation (hybrid incompatibilities), (c) endosymbiosis and the dyanamics and evolution of microbial-host interactions (e.g. Wolbachia and other endosymbionts), (d) Lateral gene transfers between bacteria and animals, and (e) genome evolution, including the evolution of selfish DNA.    For more information, contact Jack Werren.

Postdoctoral Position: We have a postdoctoral position to investigate the function and evolution of parasitoid venoms.  A researcher with skills in some combination of the following is particularly desired (a) computation biology, (b) molecular evolution, (c) molecular biology,  or some combination of the above.  For more information, contact Jack Werren.

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