John Jaenike (PI)

Lisa Boelio

Lab Technician

Rob Unckless

Former grad student

Deby Philbrick


Lisa graduated from the University of Rochester in 2006 with a degree in ecology

and evolutionary biology. Her favorite lab activity is making mushroom agar.

She hopes to go to veterinary school in the future.

Rob graduated from Cornell University in 1997 and completed a masters degree at Cornell (1999) and State University of New York, College at Brockport (2006).

He studies the population dynamics of host-parasite interaction. Of special

interest is the interaction between vertically transmitted parasites (Wolbachia,

spiroplasma) and horizontally transmitted parasites (nematodes, viruses, etc.) in mycophagous

drosophila hosts.

Deby hails from Texas, yet still believes in evolution. She is a member of the

class of 2009. Her research deals with variation in tolerance to environmental

conditions across drosophila species from different latitudes. Her favorite lab

activity is gossip and making sure that the rest of us don't get anything done.

She hopes to go to medical school after graduation.

John is an evolutionary ecologist with expertise in parasite-host interactions, particularly on mushroom-feeding drosophilids.