Dr. Stephan Emmrich

Post Doctoral Researcher

Naked mole rats (NMRs) are the longest-lived rodents that remain healthy until the end of their lives and are resistant to age-related diseases including cancer. The blood system with its vital functions of oxygen, nutrient and cytokine transport, immunology and physiologic homoestasis constitutes an important aspect of cancer and aging research.

Here I aim to identify NMR blood stem cells by immunophenotypic and metabolic labelling. Xenotransplantations into immunodeficient mice will functionally characterize stem cells by their engraftment and multilineage potential. RNA Sequencing and cross-species comparison of leading edge genes will determine candidates uniquely expressed or mutated in naked mole rat stem cells.

By aligning known and novel expression sets related to stemness and aging between adult and newborn NMR stem cell populations I intend to reveal a putative NMR anti-aging expression signature.