ADPS Longevity Research Award Ceremony: Pr. Gorbunova

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February 6 2014, Paris. This year the Longevity research prize reward Professor Vera Gorbunova for her work which led to the discovery of the first molecular signal responsible for the cancer resitane of the naked mole-rat. These animals, the size of a mouse, live more than 30 years, 10 times longer than a regular mouse, which extrapolated to the human being would allow him to live for several centuries, and this in perfect health.

The work of this researcher is primarily oriented around the aging, DNA repair and cancer. For several years , Professor Gorbunova has specialized successfully in the study of anti- cancer naked mole rat mechanisms. In 2009, his team discover in naked mole rat skin cells, a very sensitive mechanism of contact inhibition preventing them to grow out of control and thus form cancerous tumors. In 2013, she discovered the first molecular signal in the form of hyaluronan of high molecular weight, responsible, in part, to their resistance to tumorigenesis. This original work was published in June in the prestigious scientific journal Nature .

This discovery opens the way for the exploration of preventive or therapeutic treatments against cancer in humans