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Primary Faculty

Brad Mahon

Brad Mahon

  • Associate Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Center for Visual Science, Center for Language Sciences
  • Scientific Director for Program for Translational Brain Mapping

PhD, Harvard University, 2009

317 Meliora Hall
(Meliora office) (585) 275-1497, (Lab office) (585) 276-5234, (Lab) (585) 276-5167
Fax: (585) 442-9216

Office Hours: By appointment

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

  • Garcea, F.E., Chernoff, B.L., Diamond, B., Lewis, W., Sims, M.H., Tomlinson, S.B., Teghipco, A., Belkhir, R., Gannon, S.B., Erickson, S., Smith, S.O., Stone, J., Liu, L., Tollefson, T., Langfitt, J., Marvin, E., Pilcher, W.H., & Mahon, B.Z. (2017). Direct electrical stimulation in the human brain disrupts melody processing. Current Biology, 27, 1-8. [pdf]
  • Chen, Q., Garcea, F.E., Jacobs, R.A., & Mahon, B.Z. (in press). Abstract representations of object-directed action in the left inferior parietal lobule. Cerebral Cortex. [pdf]
  • Koopman, S.E., Mahon, B.Z., & Cantlon, J.F. (in press). Evolutionary constraints on human object perception. Cognitive Science. [pdf] Supplemental Materials [pdf]
  • Chen, Q., Garcea, F.E., Almeida, J., & Mahon, B.Z. (in press). Connectivity-based constraints on category-specificity in the ventral object processing pathway. Neuropsychologia. [pdf] Supplemental Materials [pdf]
  • Amaral, L., Ganho-Ávila, A., Osório, A., Soares, M.J., He, D., Chen, Q., Mahon, B.Z., Gonçalves, O.F., Sampaio, A., Fang, F., Bi, Y. & Almeida, J. (2016). Hemispheric asymmetries in subcortical visual and auditory relay structures in congenital deafness. European Journal of Neuroscience, 44(6), 2334-2339. [pdf]
  • Mahon, B.Z., & Navarrete, E. (2016). Modeling lexical access in speech production as a ballistic process. Language, Cognition, and Neuroscience, 31, 521-523[pdf]
  • Garcea, F.E., Kristensen, S., Almeida, J., & Mahon, B.Z. (2016). Resilience to the contralateral visual field bias as a window into object representations. Cortex, 81, 14-23. [pdf] Supplemental Materials [pdf]
  • Erdogan, G., Chen, Q., Garcea, F.E., Mahon, B.Z. & Jacobs, R. (2016). Multisensory part-based representations of objects in human lateral occipital complex. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 26, 869-881[pdf]
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  • Navarrete, E., Mahon, B.Z., Lorenzoni, A., & Peressotti, F. (2016). What can written-words tell us about lexical retrieval in speech production? Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 1 - 12. [pdf]
  • Mahon, B.Z. & Wu, W. (2015). Cognitive penetration of the dorsal visual stream? John Zeimbekis and Athanasios Raftopoulos (Eds.), The Cognitive Penetration of Perception: New Philosophical Perspectives. Oxford University Press. [pdf]
  • Almeida, J., He, D., Chen, Q., Mahon, B.Z., Zhang, F., Gonçalves, O.F., Fang, F., & Bi, Y. (2015)Decoding visual location from neural patterns in the auditory cortex of the congenitally deaf. Psychological Science, 26, 1771-1782. [pdf]
  • Mahon, B.Z. (2015). Response to Glenberg: Conceptual content does not constrain the representational format of concepts. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 69, 179-180. [pdf]
  • Mahon, B.Z. (2015). The burden of embodied cognition. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 69, 172-178. [pdf]
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  • Mahon, B.Z. (2015). Missed Connections: A connectivity-constrained account of the representation and organization of object concepts. In Margolis, E., & Laurence, S. (Eds.), The Conceptual Mind: New Directions in the Study of Concepts (pp. 79 - 115). Cambridge: MIT Press. [pdf]
  • Stasenko, A., Bonn, C., Teghipco, A., Garcea, F.E., Sweet, C., Dombovy, M., McDonough, J., and Mahon, B.Z. (2015). A causal test of the motor theory of speech perception: a case of impaired speech production and spared speech perception. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 32, 38-57. [pdf]
  • Mahon, B.Z. (2015). What is embodied about cognition? Language, Cognition and Neuroscience30, 420-429. [pdf]
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  • Navarrete, E., Del Prado, P., Peressotti, F., & Mahon, B.Z. (2014). Lexical retrieval is not by competition: Evidence from the blocked naming paradigm. Journal of Memory and Language, 76, 253-272. [pdf]
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