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"Royal Bonbon"

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
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Directed By Charles Najman, (2002), 85 minutes

Royal Bonbon is the tale of a modern-day man who believes himself to be Henri Christophe, liberator of Haitian slaves during the early 1800's. King Chacha (Dominique Battraville) declares himself a ruler and his lady friend (Anne-Louise Mesadieux) a queen. When he is kicked out of Cap-Haitien, he joins up with young boy Thimothee (Benji) for a journey out of town. They end up in the abandoned palace of Sans Souci, which Christophe had built himself. gathering support from the population of the next village, King Chacha lives out of his dream as a ruler. Before long, he becomes a tyrant and is overthrown in a revolt.