Lihong Liu

Assistant Professor of Art History
PhD History of Art and Archaeology, New York University, 2013

523 Morey Hall
(585 ) 275-4169

Courses Offered (subject to change)

  • AH 234  Art and Environment
  • AH 142  Arts of East Asia
  • AH 243/443  Early Modern Chinese Painting

Selected Publications

  • “Shadows in Chinese Art: An Intercultural Perspective.” In Qing Encounters: Artistic Exchanges between China and the West. Edited by Petra Chu and Ding Ning. Los Angeles, 2015. 190-212. 
  • “Collecting the Here and Now: Birthday Albums and the Aesthetics of Association in Mid-Ming China.” Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture 2:1 (2015): 43-91. 
  • “Vitreous Views: Materiality and Mediality of Glass in Qing China through a Transcultural Prism.” Getty Research Journal 8 (2016): 17-38.  
  •  “Ethnography and Empire through an Envoy’s Eye: The Manchu Official Akedun’s (16851756) Journeys to Chosǒn Korea.” Journal of Early Modern History 20.1/2 (2016): 111-139.